Al Michaels: I think the league would like Daniel Snyder to sell the team

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During the third quarter of Thursday night’s game between the Commanders and Bears, Amazon’s Al Michaels made a comment about the lingering controversy surrounding Washington owner Daniel Snyder. Given Allen’s connections at the NFL’s highest level, his words — carefully worded as speculation — accurately reflect the mood of the powers that be.

“My feeling is, I think the league wants Snyder to sell the team,” Al said. “Not necessarily going to vote, but sell the team. Because it’s become a big problem around the league, obviously. And we’ll see what happens. I think there’s still a long way to go, and Dan is very famous for digging his heels into the ground.

That is the problem. Snyder has dug in his heels. He won’t sell. The harder they try to sell him, the harder he’ll fight — either through litigation or dissemination.”dirty” he allegedly collected, or both.

As we’ve been saying since the beginning of the controversy, Snyder’s conviction comes from a will Finally, give the team to your children. Earlier this year, we suggested that the best compromise would be for Snyder to step down permanently while his wife runs the team. officially transferred to his children. During the Amazon pregame, Michael Smith mentioned that possibility.

It makes sense, but it might be too late. The same owners who want Snyder out may want all Snyders out, Dan has no direct or indirect influence over the franchise.

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