Angels star Mike Trudeau laughs at questions about ‘legendary’ fantasy football league

New York – Mike Trout, The best player in the game of baseball, the greatest of his generation, faced the bank of TV cameras and the clutch of iPhone recorders. In the long run, after 12 seasons, nine All-Star appearances and three MVP trophies, a stigma has emerged on his Hall of Fame resume: at least in the opinion of a contemporary, he cannot be the most talented fantasy football commissioner.

“Am I going to resign?” I did not make that decision, ”Trout said Said Wednesday afternoon In front Angels Scheduled to play at Yankee Stadium. “I do not know. But every commissioner I know will always be angry.

Trout was more than amused when he inquired about his maid Major League BaseballThe most famous fantasy football league, the competition at the center of the latest controversy between Cincinnati Reds Outfielder Tommy Bam And San Francisco Giants Outfielder Petersen Game. Disagreement over injured balance rules and etiquette of team chats slapped Petersen before a game on May 27.

After the incident, Pam accepted a three-game suspension. The two aired separate pages of the story. Pam accused Peterson of manipulating roster rules; Peterson insisted that his maneuver was legitimate, and that Pam used himself. Pam suggested that Peterson called Fam’s ex-team “disrespectful shit.” San Diego Patress. “It’s true, I sent GIF a mockery of Patrice,” Peterson replied. If anyone has been offended, I apologize for that.

Since his suspension on Tuesday, Pam has revealed another layer to the story. He explained that part of the blame fell on the league commissioner. Pam said the man was Michael Nelson Trout.

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“Trout did a terrible job, man,” Pam said Tuesday. “Trudeau is the worst commissioner in fantasy games. Because he allowed a lot of humiliation to continue, and he could have solved it all.

It is not clear from the full list of the 12-man league that $ 10,000 had to be bought and the last place finisher was fined an additional $ 10,000. Other competitors include former All-Stars Mani Machado, Eric Hosmer And Mike Mastagos, Athletes Reported. Pam said the responsibility of running the league fell to Trout because “no one wants to be a commissioner. I do not want to be a commissioner. I have a different job. He did not want to do that. We put it on him.

The ungratefulness of the work became apparent only after the farm had publicly mentioned trout. On several occasions before Wednesday, Trout rejected the requests Athletes Discuss his rumored involvement in the league. (According to one person familiar with the conversation, Pam contacted Trout to apologize for revealing his role.)

Trout would not want to talk about Gerful. But the Angels had earlier arranged a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The group is visiting Trout’s childhood home, Millville, Philadelphia, near NJ, this weekend. Trout said he was excited to play again at Citizens Bank Park and was delighted with the seasonal moves of his beloved Eagles. He was not thrilled when asked about Famin’s comments.

“I’m not talking about fantasy football,” Trout said.

Then, in sheepish, but nerdy style, he started talking about fantasy football. Trout noted that he had spoken with both Pam and Peterson. He slapped at the lofty emotions expressed by the thrill of the match.

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“Everyone has competition,” he said. “Everyone loves fantasy football. Who doesn’t? ”

He added, “Tommy, everyone involved is very interested in fantasy football. A lot of people put their heart into it. I do too. I lost that league.

Trout was short on the details of the argument made by Fam and Peterson. Pham’s initial accusation was that Peterson illegally hoarded an injured reserve and selected an extra player. Peterson countered that San Francisco 49ers’ Jeff Wilson Jr. is doing the same thing. On Tuesday he pointed out that there was a discrepancy between what was allowed in ESPN’s fantasy football practice and the league’s own coded rules.

The commissioner refused to rule. Did Peterson, as Pam suggested, break the rules?

“I did not answer their questions,” Trout said.

Was Trudeau surprised that this story was now entering its sixth day in the news cycle?

“I think you’re just pulling it off,” Trout said.

Can Trout accept the joy of the situation? Fame received a suspension from fantasy football worth three game cuts in his $ 7.5 million salary.

“I did not comment on that,” Trout said.

Shortly afterwards, an Angels spokesman asked reporters to change the subject. Trout graciously accepted that suggestion. He was eager to advance to the game against him YankeesA weekend in Philadelphia, with nothing but further inquiries into his role in the fun story of the 2022 game.

“It’s in the past,” Trout said. “You pull it off. But it’s a legendary fantasy football league, it’s for sure.

(Photo: Sean M. Hofi / Getty Images)

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