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Joe Biden launched a government website for corona virus information on stage at the White House and told the nation: “We are now at a new juncture in this epidemic. That does not mean that Govt-19 is over. Covit-19 means that it no longer controls our lives.

“Thanks to the foundation we have laid, the United States has the tools to protect our people,” said the president, who promoted the new website.

“Basically, Americans no longer have to search the Internet to find vaccines, treatments, tests or masks.”

But he quickly turned his attention to asking Congress for more money to continue its efforts to prevent the corona virus epidemic.

“Just as we have reached a critical turning point in this fight, Congress must provide the United States with the funding it needs to continue to fight Covid-19,” he said.

“This is not discrimination, this is medicine,” he warned $ 22.5bn his administration is askingMonoclonal antibodies will be exhausted by the end of May and preventive treatments for those with immunodeficiency will be exhausted by the fall.

Joe Biden gets his second corona virus booster shot at the White House.

Joe Biden gets his second corona virus booster shot at the White House. Photo: Kevin Lamarck / Reuters

As for vaccines, he said: “If Congress fails to act, we will not have the supply we need this fall to ensure that shots are freely available to all Americans and easily accessible.”

Calling on politicians to act in solidarity, Biden gave a somewhat cheerful account of Kovid-19’s conquest of the presidency with the omnipresent.

“I’m going to remind you, I took office 14 months ago, the epidemic was raging, the economy was faltering, the deficit was high. Most schools were closed,” he said.

“We don’t have enough vaccines. Unemployment demands skyrocketed. Then we went to work and were given enough vaccines, effective treatments, and free and accessible home trials every American month. More than 99% of our schools are reopened.

However, Biden management’s response to the epidemic, Stalled in several key areas Especially after the development of the proliferation of the Omigron variant.

He finished the event with a second booster shot – Recognized Tuesday for Americans over 50 – and refusing to answer questions about the situation in Ukraine or his previous phone call with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky.

“It didn’t hurt at all,” Biden said of the shot, a needle went into his hand and he apologized if anyone had “encouraged” him to take a needle.

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