Candidates include David Kornsvedt, Nicholas Holt

James Gunn though Superman The movie is one way, the new co-chairman of DC Films has opened up about his plans for the character and what he hopes to achieve as an actor. Historically, playing Man of Steel has been a bit A mixed bagAnd names are often floated out (true or not true), and he kept No problem Shutting down rumors and insisting that no one has been found Still. While that hasn’t changed yet, it looks like progress is being made to find the man who will spend the next several years playing Super…Man.

Ber The Hollywood ReporterA great name to play Man of Steel in the 2025s is floating around Superman: Legacy David will be Kornswet. The 29-year-old was last seen last year pearl, is currently in production on its TV adaptation Girl in the lake. That list includes other names pleasure star Jacob Elordi (who reportedly did not submit himself to the mix), and British actors Tom Britney (Grandchester) and Andrew Richardson (Call a spy) but it may not be completely correct in the store. According to the deadline Justin GrohlAnother name also emerges Menus Nicholas Holt. THR notes that Holt’s name is up for consideration — WB has “loved” him since 2015. Mad Max: Fury Road, And he was once considered BatmanThe outlet says he may instead play Lex Luthor, Superman’s longtime nemesis. Interestingly, Lex’s only name is his.

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As for Superman’s love interest Lois Lane, THR reports Emma Mackie (Death on the Nile), Rachel Brosnahan (The wonderful Ms. Maisel), Samara weaving (Screaming 6), and Phoebe Dinever (Bridgerton) is up for consideration. However, it is not clear who will be able to take on the role; Brosnahan reportedly had an “excellent” audition, but at 32, Gunn may be out of his 20s.

Sources speaking to THR said some of the actors listed have yet to screen test and could be in the mix of potential names. One specifically stated that WB and Gunn were “nowhere near a decision.” But this is the first real news we’ve gotten on this particular project, and it’ll be interesting to see who will play these characters in what will be the next step for DC’s movies for at least the next decade. .

Superman: Legacy It is expected to hit the theaters on July 11, 2025.

Update: In response to casting news, Gun He said on Twitter That he has a habit of not speaking About the actors Only those who have already booked a part are considered for roles. (And even then, only after an actor has openly spoken about it.) Interesting however, He teased that he has already been cast for a role Superman: Legacy, That it is not “Any regular players in the Superman world.” And he ended his statement with an angel emoji.

Let the speculation continue.

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