Carole Middleton: The quiet driving force that keeps Kate and William's family together after a cancer diagnosis

Carole Middleton has been an important bond holding Wales together following Kate's cancer diagnosis, a source close to the family has revealed.

The mother-of-three has been praised for her key behind-the-scenes role for the Prince and Princess of Wales during one of the royal family's most tumultuous periods in recent times.

A source close to Middleton said The Independent: “Carol has been the driving force behind keeping the family together with minimum fuss and maximum modesty.

“She took George, Louis and Charlotte to school sports and gave them endless support. She was a real Mary Poppins figure.

Carole Middleton has been the quiet driving force holding the Windsors together following her daughter's shock cancer diagnosis, sources close to Middleton have said.

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Carroll, 69, founded Party Pieces, a children's party supply company, in 1987, which the source described as providing the young family with “the three R's”. They said: “She came to the rescue, was reassuring and was a rock for Catherine and William when they came with news.”

The Independent Carole understands that she has stepped up her motherly duties by taking her grandchildren – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – to school, and alongside her husband Michael, is free from family politics and free to provide support where needed.

The source added: “His actions are a stark contrast to those who support him from afar.”

While Carole is understood to have been one of the first to learn of Kate's diagnosis, the princess released a heartfelt video message on Friday to reveal to the public that she had undergone preventive chemotherapy – sparking sympathy from around the world.

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Prince Harry reportedly stepped out of his California home as he and his wife Meghan offered words of support: “We wish Kate and the family the best of health and recovery and hope they can do so privately and peacefully.”

Meanwhile, the king is said to be “proud” of his “beloved” daughter-in-law for being “brave” in speaking out about her treatment, a month after she revealed she was diagnosed with the disease.

Charles, who was diagnosed with cancer while being treated for an enlarged prostate, has remained in close contact with her during treatment.

The Prince and Princess of Wales with their children Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte

The royal family faces an uncertain period as both the head of state and the future queen undergo undisclosed cancer treatment – but the monarchy is expected to rally around those at the center of the institution, with Carole offering unwavering support. .

Kensington Palace said on Saturday it was “deeply touched” by news of the princess' support.

Kate is said to be positive about her recovery and in good spirits, describing herself as “feeling good and getting stronger every day” as she requested privacy for her family during her recovery.

After tests following stomach surgery confirmed she had cancer in January, the princess and her husband chose to share the news as their children began the Easter school holidays.

The princess released a heartfelt video message on Friday, revealing to the public that she had undergone preventive chemotherapy.

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The announcement ends weeks of frenzied speculation and conspiracy theories about the whereabouts and health of the 42-year-old, who has only been seen in public three times since his operation. In the first of three sightings near Windsor Castle in March, the princess was seen driving with her mother.

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Rumors about Kate intensified when William missed a memorial service for his godfather Constantine of Greece on 27 February. It has now emerged that the prince pulled out of the event following his wife's positive test.

Further speculation was sparked when the princess admitted she had “edited” her official family Mother's Day photo after several international news outlets retracted the image.

In another development, England's privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office, is investigating allegations that it tried to access Kate's private medical records at a London clinic.

Carole Middleton with her husband Michael

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It's not known how long Kate will be in treatment, but medical advice suggests she may be keen to attend events as much as she can, even if that doesn't mean returning to full-time work.

William will continue to balance supporting his wife and family and maintaining his official duties as he has done since his activism.

The prince will return to public duties after his children return to school following the Easter break, but Wales will not join the rest of the royal family for the traditional Easter service at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

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