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During his time with the Chicago White Sox, Dallas Kouchel banged on as a Sai Young Award nominee.

But the left-hander could not find consistency until late last season and early 2022, and Sox hired him on Saturday.

Keuchel has a 2-5 record and 7.88 ERA with 20 strikeouts in eight starts this season.

“Given the back of the baseball card, so to speak, we wanted to give him a chance to show that he’s been able to get himself back on track this season,” Sox general manager Rick Hahn said. “It’s not necessary to start a magic number before we make that decision. Our place is New York (May 14) and Boston On Fenway (May 8)) Was interesting enough to give him the ball consistently.

“Obviously, the last two (beginnings), especially the (Thursday) night trend, was enough for us to say that it was time to try something else in that space.”

The left-handed player, who won the 2015 American League Psi Young Award with the Houston Astros, was a key addition, Agreed to a three-year, $ 55.5 million contract Dec. 30, 2019. The agreement also includes the committee’s preference for 2023.

Keuchel, 34, went 17-16 in 51 appearances (49 starts) for the Sox with a 4.79 ERA.

Socks manager Tony La Rossa said, “He’s got a lot to be proud of.” I understand that he feels he should have done better, should have done better. But I don’t think anyone in this uniform will trade their lives for the next 10 or 12 years for what he did.

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“I think he’s healthier this year than last. He has more games, pitch rest, if he has a team that is interested.

AL Cy Young finished fifth in the epidemic-reduced 2020 season, going 6-2 with a 1.99 ERA in 11 starts.

Keuchel was 9-9 last season with a 5.28 ERA on 32 trips (30 starts). Keusel, who won the AL Gold Glove Award in 2021, went 6-1 with 3.78 ERA in his first 14 starts and 3-8 with 6.70 ERA in his last 18 outings. He He was part of the taxi team for the American League Division Series against the Astros.

During spring training, at the end of 2021 “Sour taste”And started throwing earlier in the season than usual to prepare for the coming season.

He earned 100th career victory on April 13 against Seattle Mariners. He allowed 10 runs, scored seven, and went on to win his next game on April 20 in Cleveland with 10 wins with one walk in one plus innings. The second came out facing 11 batters. Sox made four mistakes Lost 11-1 In the first game of the double head.

Kouchel has allowed at least six runs in three of his eight starts this season.

“We definitely got what we expected in 2020 and in the first half or 21st,” Hahn said. “He was basically what we expected when we signed him. Unfortunately the latter part of his white socks career did not turn out as we had hoped. I would say it happened fast.

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Prior to the fight against the Yankees this month, Goosell made strong outings in Boston (two runs in six innings) and against the New York Yankees (May 14 five shutout innings). May 21 at Yankee Stadium (Six runs in four innings) and Against the Red Sox on Thursday Guaranteed rate field (six runs in two innings).

“This club, for the first time in franchise history, created post-season back-to-back seasons in the ’20s and ’21s, and it would not have happened without Dallas’ contributions in those two seasons,” Hahn said. “Obviously, in 2020, he was in the top five for Psy Young. Last year, especially in the first half, he had some significant wins for us. I (one) remembered our spot against Toronto and Tampa (June 10 and 15). He definitely gave us what we were looking for in the first half.

“The extension of this season outside of some interesting performances against Boston and New York, as well as the many starts in the second half of last year, shows that he has not done exactly the job we need him to do this year. , I would like to make sure that his contributions are not lost here.

In a related action on Saturday, Sox recalled infielder Danny Mendy from Triple-A Charlotte.

Separately, outfielder Eloy Jimenez began rehabilitation work with Charlotte on Saturday in Durham, while NC Jimenez suffered an injury on April 23rd. Surgery to repair a torn hamstring ligament behind his right knee.

“I definitely can’t expect him next week,” Hahn said. “We’ll see how the week goes with Charlotte and we will reconsider. I do not plan to see him on this (upcoming) road trip (in Toronto and Tampa Bay).

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