Diablo IV does not duplicate Immortal’s game-changing micro-transactions

It has been confirmed by a blizzard Upcoming Diablo IV There will be no micro-transactions that will change the game, which has proven to be highly controversial Recently released Diablo Immortal.

In 2019, shortly after Diablo IV First announcedBlizzard lead designer Joe Shelley Said Blizzard “does not sell power” in the game. On the contrary, You can “buy cosmetics” Through micro-transactions, he said, “it was very early” in the development of the game at the time.

Some players are worried about that Diablo IV Given that, the plans were still in operation Diablo ImmortalHas different types of game coins and game modification purchase options The game was effectively banned in two European countries.

Those concerns were heightened by the recent release of Blizzard A Diablo IV Product Manager Job List It is mentioned that “The Diablo IV In-Game Store Experience ”as a key component Diablo IVSeasonal Content Strategy. “According to the work list, the product manager should” work with an analysis team to help identify sales trends and measure purchasing behavior. “

Calms you down Indestructible– Pumped fears

Developers quickly alleviate those concerns, however, and insist on it IndestructibleS Mobile based design Not a signal of things to come Diablo IV. “It simply came to our notice then. [Diablo IV] Full price game developed for PC / PS / Xbox audience, ” Diablo Owner SVP and General Manager Rod Ferguson Wrote on Twitter. “For many years after its release, we have been committed to providing an incredible breadth of content compiled into custom cosmetics and full story-driven extensions.”

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Blizzard Global Community Lead Adam Fletcher echoed that sentiment In his own tweetWriting “fee content” [in Diablo IV] Built around custom cosmetic products & ultimately full extensions. We’ll share more information soon! “

This would be welcome news for many avid owner fans Diablo Immortal With very negative user reviews Sites like Metacritic (Despite reviews among mobile users on the iOS App Store Will be high) Owned by Ars Posts Diablo Immortal He noted that the game’s economy is full of “chaotic micro-transactions” and “otherwise … a bad thing to explore the dungeon of addictive fun, smartphone-friendly options.”

“The various confusing currencies of this game are similar to the nonsense I hate in other bottom-of-the-barrel F2P tariffs,” wrote Arsin Sam Machokovech. “Worse, whenever you have less than the currency to do something Diablo ImmortalActivision Blizzard provides a tapping tool icon that tells you how to earn an item or crafting element somewhere in the normal gameplay … or you can buy it right away. “

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