Energy groups are targeting Biden management over their reluctance to expand domestic oil production

Two U.S. energy groups are targeting Biden Administration Dismissed domestically Oil And gas production, one a five-digit advertising purchase and the other its president will testify before a Senate panel next week.

The U.S. Energy Alliance has launched a five-digit advertising campaign against President Biden and his administration for “sending mixed signals.” Energy Manufactured in the United States.

View of a pumpkin jack in an oil well on an oil field. This arrangement is commonly used for small oil-producing coastal wells. (AP / iStock / AP Images)

The Republic of Pennsylvania condemns Biden’s ‘complete attack’ on US power

Advertising – “What is it?” – Biden, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and John Kerry, US President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change, share their views on the rejection of oil production in the United States.

“Then it is” the ad begs the question. “We need clear support for domestic energy production.”

The ad will air in Washington, DC and 12 states – Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington – Americans continue to feel pain. Pump.

A Report Released this week, Thomas Pyle, president of the U.S. Energy Coalition, said the Biden administration had “done everything it could to strangle domestic energy production.” Project Releasing one million barrels of oil a day from US strategic petroleum reserves for the next six months is not a “sustainable plan to reduce prices.”

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Pyle made similar comments in a recent interview with Fox Business. “Despite their rhetoric, the Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to promote U.S. natural gas and oil production. In fact, they are making it very difficult,” Pyle said at the time. “The pain in the pump is real. This administration makes it worse, not better.”

Oil pumpjack in California

On October 14, 2014 a bumpjack was spotted at sunrise near Bakersfield, California. (Reuters / Lucy Nicholson / File Photo / Reuters Photos)

The Western Energy Coalition is also pushing back against the Biden administration for not wanting to increase domestic oil supplies. On Tuesday, Kathleen Skama, president of the Western Energy Coalition, will testify at the Senate Business Council hearing.

“President Biden is designed to move away from his climate change policies, eliminate federal oil production and skyrocket energy prices on US producers,” Scoma said in a statement shared with Fox Business. “I look forward to testifying on Tuesday to discuss how his policies are suppressing American production and how they can be reversed.”

Biden, Russia Ukraine war, Russian oil, war, conflicts

On Thursday, March 31, 2022, US President Joe Biden talks about reducing energy prices at the Eisenhower Administration office building in Washington, DC. (Al Drago / Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

Similar to the positions taken by the American Energy Alliance and the Western Energy Alliance, the US Petroleum Corporation this week targeted Biden and members of his management, saying there was a “fundamental misunderstanding of how leases work”.

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“The best thing the White House can do now is to remove barriers to investing in U.S. energy production and infrastructure.” Said API President and CEO Mike Somers.

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“Management again has a fundamental misunderstanding of how leases work,” Somers added. “Leasing production has been high for more than two decades, with nearly two-thirds of leases producing natural gas and oil. With nearly 5,000 permits awaiting management’s approval and thousands of lawsuits pending, we are ready to work. Ensure access to reliable energy.

According to the national average of $ 4.20 per gallon of gas AAA$ 1.30 more than the same time last year.

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