Ford's new 48-inch 'dashboard' to debut in 2024 Lincoln Nautilus

Ford is about to change what drivers see when they get behind the wheel of some of its vehicles.

A new electronic system and instrument panel – in a vehicle that extends the width of the windshield – aims to reinvent how drivers receive information. This includes the speedometer and other important gauges, navigation and apps like Spotify, streaming video and auto-racing games.

There will also be a traditional touchscreen. It is mounted below the dash, between the front seats.

Ford engineers developed a new electronic system and instrument panel. It debuted earlier this year in the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus luxury SUV.

Among other priorities for customer acceptance, the new displays will work well with Apple CarPlay, contrary to the direction General Motors has chosen for its upcoming electric vehicles.

The new Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience system apps can be downloaded from the Google Store.

The system will be called the Ford or Lincoln Digital Experience, depending on the brand of vehicle it is.

“The new digital experience represents a major step forward in Ford's ongoing software developments and promises significant improvements over its existing sync systems,” said AutoPacific analyst Paul Wattie. “It's faster, more intuitive, more customizable, and delivers the most important information to drivers' eyes in a way that's easy to digest.”

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