Google teases Pixel 8 Pro with Zen AI and Pixel Watch 2

As the countdown to October 4 continues, Google announced today that “W8 is almost over.” teasing It shows the Pixel 8 Pro and the Pixel Watch 2.

Until the four-color Google logo rotates, until the ‘oo’ combines to form an 8. Pay attention to color here, that’s the blue/green/purple color palette the company uses to create AI with SGE, HELP, etc. “The ambient electro beat builds with anticipation” during the entire song during this part, the joke says. “6 to 9” by Big Wild Records. reasoning [Neil Frances Remix].

Then we see a close-up Pixel 8 Pro Porcelain/white and the camera bump have a disclaimer that says “Available for pre-order October 4th,” which is par for the course on the Google Store.

And then there’s the sarcasm Pixel Watch 2. It looks similar to the first generation model with the same band connector and dome design from the front. It may or may not be thin at other angles.

Notably, the rotating crown design is smoother and rounder, ditching the bottle cap-esque design. The stem appears thin, while the side button above it could be less pronounced.

Next is the Pixel Buds Pro The 15-second teaser concludes with another look at the Pixel 8 Pro, in a matching ceramic color. The “G” logo and the last October 4 tease are back in purple.

In total, Google tells us quite frankly that it will be three products – two, although we expect a substantial software update for the headphones – two.

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