Herschel Walker Denies 2nd Woman’s Claim He Paid For Her Abortion: ‘False’

Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker He denied new claims Wednesday by an unnamed woman in Dallas in 1993 that he paid and encouraged her to have an abortion she didn’t want.

The woman, identified only as Jane Doe, made her allegations in a video news conference hosted by her attorney, Gloria Allred, from Los Angeles. The woman was not shown on camera and said she feared retaliation if she revealed her real name or face.

In a statement released later Wednesday, Walker said, “I’m done with this nonsense. It’s a lie and I won’t entertain anything.”

“I didn’t kill JFK. It’s pathetic,” he added. “The media shouldn’t be stupid enough to think I’m going to spend any time talking about these lies.”

The statement echoed one he gave Wednesday, shortly before the woman’s news conference. A reporter then asked him if he wanted to unequivocally refuse to pay any woman for an abortion, but he didn’t answer.

Walker He previously denied the claims of an ex-girlfriend In 2009 he paid for abortions to various news outlets. The woman told The Daily Beast she has documents to support her allegations: a receipt from the abortion clinic, a bank deposit receipt with a picture of a $700 check that Walker signed within a week of the abortion, and a “get well” card that she said Walker signed.

ABC News has not independently confirmed any of the women’s claims.

Georgia Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker speaks at a campaign event in Carrollton, Ga., on Oct. 11, 2022.

Elia Novelage/Getty Images

Walker is He is running against Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock Stricter anti-abortion rights.

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Campaigning with Walker, Sen. Lindsey Graham also issued a statement Wednesday supporting her and labeling Allred, the woman’s advocate, an “activist” and a Democrat.

Graham and Walker suggested a concerted political attack to raise a race focused on public safety and the economy, as well as abortion rights.

Leading Republicans including former President Donald Trump They gathered around WalkerCiting his denials.

“Democrats will say and do anything to hang on to power. Well, I’m Herschel Walker, and they messed with the wrong Georgian. I’m not backing down, this is too much,” Walker said in his statement.

Accusation of the new girl

The woman, who spoke on a video news conference with Allred, said she became pregnant in April 1993 after being intimate with Walker.

“After several discussions with Herschel about the pregnancy, he encouraged me to have an abortion and even paid for it,” the woman said.

Photo: A bug flies over the head of U.S. Senate candidate and former football player Herschel Walker as he speaks at a campaign rally on Oct. 21, 2022, in Columbus, Ga.

U.S. Senate candidate and former football player Herschel Walker speaks at a campaign rally in Columbus, Ga., Oct. 21, 2022, as an insect flies over his head.

Cheney Orr/Reuters

He said he went to practice in Dallas but didn’t make it. She said Walker allegedly pressured her, but took her to the abortion clinic the next day, waited outside until it was over, and then took her to a pharmacy for medication.

The woman did not provide any documentation of the alleged abortion.

Warnock’s response to Walker’s abortion request

In a statement Wednesday, Warnock’s deputy campaign manager, Rachel Petrie, said, “We know that Herschel Walker has a problem with the truth, a problem with answering questions and a problem with taking responsibility for his actions.”

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“Today’s new report is the latest example of a troubling pattern we’ve seen play out over and over again. Herschel Walker should not be representing Georgians in the U.S. Senate,” Petrie said.

Earlier this month, Warnock commented on the first woman’s abortion claim against Walker.

He then said at a campaign event, “It’s troubling that we’re hearing about my opponent. I think the people of Georgia have a real choice about who they think they’re willing to represent in the United States Senate.”

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