Inter Miami CF 0-6 FC Barcelona LIVE: Score and Highlights

Tonight is the first time Inter Miami In short history they will face like a roaring giant BarcelonaA Catalan side struggled last season Lionel Messi’s departure for PSG, but hopefully this year will be different. Inspiration seems to come after they take their hometown Xavi Hernandez Taking over the reigns of the team and trying to bring the club back to its most recent glory days.

DRV PNK Stadium The five-time Champions League winners will host the competition for the second time after a 1-1 draw. OlotSpanish Division Two team on July 13.

Robert Lewandowski Finally ‘Blacrana’

The Polish striker was seen in it Barcelona In these days when the signing was officially announced, in jersey and with a smile, he noted that he wants to take on new challenges and appreciated building a good relationship and relationship with him. Savvy.

Phil Neville’s side will be looking to continue their winning streak

Inter Miami Trying to run to the other side MLS Playoffs After they win Charlotte Last weekend.

David Beckham The team is currently sitting 9th placeTwo points behind Cincinnati The last-place finisher to compete for the title.

“My team and I think this is the biggest competition in the club’s history,” the manager said Bill Neville told reporters this week.

Neville said it was the first time since the club was founded in 2018 that they had a sold-out game.

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