Israel-Hamas ceasefire holds as aid reaches Gaza: Live updates

4:17 pm ET, November 27, 2023

The Israeli army will fight back with force when the war against Hamas resumes, the defense minister said

From Tamar Michaelis in Tel Aviv and CNN’s Sugam Pokharel, Abeer Salman and Eyad Kurdi

Israel’s defense minister said his country’s army will fight with a stronger force after the ceasefire when it returns to the war against Hamas.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said the operation would be carried out throughout the Gaza Strip.

“You have a few days. When we fight again, we will use the same force and more … and we will fight all over (Gaza),” Gallant said while addressing a group of Israeli soldiers on Monday. .

He made the comments before Qatar earlier said an agreement had been reached Israel-Hamas ceasefire should be extended Two extra days in Gaza.

“When you’re organizing, resting and researching, remember that the enemy is doing the same. You’re going to meet someone who’s a little more prepared,” Gallant said.

“Therefore, they will first meet the bombs of the air force, after that the bombs of tanks and artillery and the feet of T9 (bulldozers), and shooting infantry fighters, we will fight in full piece,” the minister added.

Latest death toll: More than 14,800 Palestinians were killed in Israeli attacks in Gaza between October 7 and November 23, according to figures from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank, which receives its data from health authorities run by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

At least 6,000 children and 4,000 women were killed, the report said. More than 30,000 people were injured, the report said.

The health ministry said it had difficulty updating casualty figures “due to service and communication breakdowns in hospitals in the north of Gaza”.

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