Joe Madden fired by Angels: manager leaves amid 12-game defeats, says he was surprised by the decision

Trapped in the longest single-season failures in franchise history, The Los Angeles Angels Transferred to manager Tuesday afternoon. The team announced that Joe Madden has been relieved of his duties and that third base coach Bill Nevin will serve as interim manager for the remainder of the 2022 season. Madden’s firing 1-0 in the wake of the Angels’ 12th consecutive defeat on Monday night. Boston Red Sox At home.

General Manager Perry Minesian Told reporters He went to Madonna’s house on Tuesday morning to announce the decision. Madonna’s shooting was classified by Minnesian As is “[n]I thought it would happen three weeks ago, “he said.

It is the longest single-season losing streak in franchise history, and the second longest losing streak overall, after 13-game defeats in the final 12 games of 1988 and the first game of 1989. Then.

The Angels went 6-18 from their 21-11 start, And FanGraphs puts their seasonal odds at 29.9 percent. They were 81.4 percent on May 15. The Hollows are 1 1/2 games behind the sixth and final American League wild card spot, however they are two teams ahead of them in the rankings and three teams within 1 1/2 games behind. they.

12-game defeats have been a series of failures of Murphy’s rule, in which anything that can go wrong goes wrong. Anthony Renton and Taylor Ward are out with injuries, meaning the line-up behind Mike Trout and Shoaib Ohtani is very thin, and the rotation has returned to earth following the inspiring April and May first half. Bulben threw several fronts.

Runs scored per game



4.41 (12th in MLP)

Runs are allowed per game



4.23 (16th in MLP)

Run the difference


Subtraction -37

Plus-10 (15th in MLP)

The Angels have a payroll of $ 188.6 million this season, and Trudeau and Renton have signed in big dollars for a long time and have no choice but to move on to become a free agent for Ohdani after next season. A run in place for a post-season this year. The urgency of the system is evident in the decision to replace Madonna.

Madden, who was hired before the 2020 plague season, technically went 130-148 (.467) in some seasons for the third time as manager of Angels. He briefly managed the team on an interim basis in 1996 (8-14) and 1999 (19-10). Madden played at the Angels Farm system before beginning his coaching career with the company in the 1980s, and gradually climbed the ladder.

Madden is the second manager to be fired this season and the second manager to be fired last week – Philadelphia Pillis fired Joe Gordy last Friday. In their first series under interim manager Rob Thompson, the Billies beat Madden Angels last weekend. Gordy and Madden were the first managers to be removed from the interim Cardinals of St. Louis In July 2018 Mike fired Matheny.

Like Phyllis and Gordy, the Angels gave Madden a much heavier list that was star-studded but shallow. Both teams have obvious roster construction issues, but, like Gordy, Madden does not seem to be doing what he can with the staff available to him. His line-up and Fulben’s results were desirable, especially recently, during 12-game defeats.

The Angels under Madden did not make the postseason and the team has only made the postseason once in Trout’s 10 full seasons. It is a three game sweep in the hands Kansas City Royals In 2014 ALDS. The Angels have not won a post-season round (or even a post-season game) since 2009.

Before returning to the Angels in 2020, Madden enjoyed very successful management positions. Tampa Bay Rays (2006-2014) and Chicago Cubs (2015-19) He led the Race to their first American League medal in 2008, and in 2016 managed the Cubs for the first time in 108 years at the World Series Championships.

Madonna spoke to Ken Rosenthal shortly after learning of his dismissal Asked if he was surprised by the result, he said:

“A little. Really, a lot. You always trust those responsible for reading the tea leaves correctly. This time they did not read. You do not have to ask me. You can ask any player or coach. They are the ones who really know.

“Perry (Minnesian) was in a difficult place. I understand that. I keep it that way. I would have relied on the feelings of the coaches and the players.”

Madden also said he wants to continue to manage. “Of course I want to manage,” he told Rosenthal. “I’m good at it.”

For the 51-year-old Nevin, he was the Angels’ third-pace coach in his first season. New York Yankees In the same role. Although he has extensive management experience at the Triple-A level and has been interviewed for several major league manager positions in recent years, this is his first MLB management career.

Madden, 68, was in the final warranty year of his contract, which also includes the club’s preference for 2023. With a career record of 1,382-1,216 (.532), Madden managed 31st All-Time in Management Success and 31st All-Time in Games.

The Angels will play the second game of their four-game home series with the Red Sox on Tuesday night.

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