Johnson Brunson is expected to leave the Mavericks, signing with the Nix who will be seen ‘of course’.

The Dallas Mavericks Are looking forward to Jalan BrunsonSeveral league sources say the departure will take several weeks AthletesIt is now certain that the 25-year-old will sign with the guard New York Knicks When the free agency opens on Thursday.

When Brunson left the group believing he wanted to return to Dallas, what New York could offer – a lucrative deal, more opportunities and family ties – was an influential factor in Brunson’s impending decision.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. ESPN reported For the next four years of production in New York, Dallas would have paid less than the $ 100 million offer each year – other competing factors include joining Brunson’s father Rick Nix’s coaching staff and many close ties to Brunson’s New York organization. But Mavericks players and executives have been realizing the potential for Brunson to exit as an unrestricted free agent in recent weeks. (Last Thursday, Mark Stein The first substantial report of the season Within the Mavericks organization, conversations have shifted from re-signing Brunson to his product, as well as the possibility of a deal involving Brunson and a trade deal that could prevent Dallas from losing him for nothing. .

Like Mavericks, Brunson may have entered the season hoping to return to Dallas, sources say, and it is unclear when and why those sentiments changed. If there was one embarrassing aspect of his last season in which Branson enjoyed a breakout victory as Mavericks’ second option, it was the team’s decision to stop the opportunity for an extension before the season – and then, again, during that time. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Rick Branson at the same time Told ESPN in April There was considerable hope around the league that his son would be ready to sign in January, by which time Brunson had already played himself in high-profit territory. However, the extension was not formally granted.

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Branson’s official departure from Mavericks will be seen as a blow, even if recently expected. When the Mavericks season ended in the finals of the Western Conference last month, team general manager Nico Harrison said re-signing Brunson was the team’s top priority. In the final months of the season, Dallas acknowledged its ability to spin three playmaking guards, triggering a deeper-than-season run than the team expected. It will come as a surprise to the team not to follow that approach next season, which in some way necessitates Brunson’s change.

As it stands, Dallas will enter next season with a list worth more than the $ 7 million luxury tax limit. NBA Season. This is the main argument for keeping Brunson at any cost, even if it was vault beyond the taxable penalty for the Mavericks team, if the list is intact, they will currently pay.

However, Dallas is expected to stay above the luxury-tax line this off-season. However, it has become clear that the future they are producing is something that Branson does not have.

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