Katie Couric has been diagnosed with breast cancer


Veteran journalist Katie Couric shared some personal news on Wednesday.

In the post about her WebsiteCouric shared that she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago.

“Why not me,” she captioned the post. “June 21st, 2022, the first day of summer, my 8th wedding anniversary and the day I found out I had breast cancer.”

“I was sick and the room started spinning,” Couric wrote. “I was in the middle of an open office, so I went into a corner and spoke quietly, my mouth unable to keep up with the questions swirling in my head.”

She explained that her gynecologist reminded her that her last mammogram was due in December 2020.

Couric, who lost her first husband Jay Monahan to colon cancer in 1998, said she plans to film the test to share with her viewers, just as she did when she underwent colon cancer screening while working for the “Today” morning show.

Because she has dense breast tissue, she explained, she routinely goes for a breast sonogram in addition to the mammogram, as dense breasts make it more difficult for mammograms to detect abnormalities.

A sonogram found something and a follow-up biopsy confirmed she had cancer.

“I vividly remember the heart-stopping, suspended animation feeling: Jay’s diagnosis of colon cancer at age 41 and the terrifying nine months that followed,” she wrote. “My sister Emily’s pancreatic cancer, which would later kill her at age 54, really launched her political career. My mother-in-law Carol’s ovarian cancer, which she was battling when she buried her son, was a year and nine months before she was laid to rest.

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Her family has had better outcomes with cancer, she wrote, including her mother “diagnosed with mantle cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma that had been kept at bay for a decade,” her father’s prostate cancer and now her husband John’s, “a coconut-sized tumor on his liver,” which is their It was surgically removed a few months before the wedding.

Couric underwent surgery in July to remove a lump from her breast, which she wrote was “2.5 centimeters, roughly the size of an olive,” and underwent radiation, which was completed on Tuesday.

He went public with his experience, he wrote, hoping it would save lives as a teachable moment.

“Please get your annual mammogram. This time I was six months late,” Couric wrote. “I shudder to think what would have happened if this had been put off any longer. But most importantly, find out if you need additional screening.

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