Light drizzle, cool temperatures, rainy humidity in San Diego – NBC 7 San Diego

San Diego County may not feature postcard weather this Labor Day weekend, but you won’t be melting or getting rained on.

So don’t put away your barbecue and floats just yet. Let’s get to the forecast!

Weather for Saturday – September 2, 2023

Cloudy skies will hang over much of San Diego County Saturday morning, bringing light showers to the area and moisture in the air, which will contribute to some humidity.

According to NBC 7 meteorologist Francella Perez, the deep ocean layer persists, especially along the coasts and even in the western basin.

Isolated thunderstorms and monsoon moisture are also likely for the mountains and deserts.

Perez said Saturday will be a hotter and more humid day compared to Sunday and Monday.

According to NBC 7 meteorologist Brooke Martell, cloud cover will continue to move over the county in the afternoon, bringing more light precipitation.

Expect light south winds at 5 to 10 mph, according to the National Weather Service in San Diego.

Coastal residents can enjoy temperatures in the mid-70s. For inland valleys, expect temperatures in the mid-80s.

A minimal risk of flash flooding remains in the hills and deserts of the district on Saturday night.

Weather for Sunday – September 3, 2023

Sunday could start with light rain and a deep sea layer. If you’re heading to the beach, expect cool temperatures in the mid-70s, but don’t expect a perfect tan, and skies will be mostly cloudy.

Labor Day Weather – Monday, September 4, 2023

Monday’s coastal temperatures will be in the mid to low 70s. Expect partly sunny skies during the day and snow showers after 11 p.m., NWS.

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Businesses that rely on sunshine hope to make up for all the rainy days the district has had this year.

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