Maine shooting suspect found dead: Live updates

11:24 PM ET, October 27, 2023

Hunting restrictions have been lifted across Maine, commissioner says

From CNN’s Jameel Lynch

A local resident was dispatched from the area to be searched by law enforcement in Monmouth, Maine, on Oct. 27 after a shooting in Lewiston, Maine.

Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Hunting restrictions have been lifted across Maine, state Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sachuk said Friday.

Earlier Friday, Sauschuck declared Hunting is prohibited in Lewiston, Lisbon, Bowdoin and Monmouth until further notice.

At a news conference Friday night, Sauschuck said the manhunt would reopen tomorrow after the body of mass shooting suspect Robert Card was found.

“Tomorrow’s citizenship hunting opportunity is open across the state of Maine to include all four of those communities,” he said.

As CNN previously reported, hunting season for state residents begins Saturday.

Past high-profile law enforcement manhunts, such as the 2014 manhunt for an accused cop-killer, have affected poachers. In Pennsylvania. During that week-long search, Pennsylvania officials temporarily banned hunting in parts of the state that were being searched by law enforcement, citing public safety concerns.

CNN’s Sarah Smart, Michael Watson and Josh Campbell contributed reporting.

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