Met Gala 2022 Live: Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian and others hit the gilded glamor theme red carpet

The 2022 Med Gala red carpet was full of gilded glamor as guests attended this year’s highly anticipated event of fashion.

From Blake Lively to Kim Kardashian, The Best dressed The stars of Med Gala are stunned by the antique costumes and many costume changes.

The second edition of the Costume Institute exhibition, “In the United States: An Anthology of Fashion,” opened on September 18 with the theme of the gala in the evening. The first part of the exhibition was reflected in last year’s Med Gala theme, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion”, which was all about celebrating American fashion.

Last year, the Med Gala was held on September 13th, the year before, it was canceled due to an epidemic. Usually, about 600 celebrities are invited to mark the glittering event on their social calendars, but this year and last, the numbers are approaching 400.

According to tradition, the guest list for this year’s event was carefully headed Vox Anna Windor has been running the gala since 1995. It was announced earlier this year that the 2022 hosts will include Regina King, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Lynn-Manuel Miranda.


Gwen Stefani says she did her own makeup for the 2022 Med Gala after her makeup artist had an emergency.

“Don’t Speak” singer Vera Wang wore a green neon gown that she had previously designed her wedding dress for folk music singer Blake Sheldon.

“Today I made it so much fun, it was stressful, but in a good way,” she said of her DIY makeup. “I was like, ‘Well, I got this.'”

Meredith Clark3 May 2022 05:14


Liso plays Brown himself from the $ 55,000 flute.

Singer Med Gala walked the red carpet wearing a gold hand embroidered gown, which “took 22,000 hours.” Liso’s dress was paired with her favorite accessory: a flute.

Check out his innovative red carpet performance here:

Meredith Clark3 May 2022 04:27


The Nicki Minaj wardrobe at 2022 Med Gala has crashed.

The rapper’s look, designed by Burberry’s Ricardo Diski, featured a black ball gown with feathers, a large black belt and leather pants. Minaj finished the look with a baseball cap.

During the red carpet livestream, Minaj told Antony that the strapless gown kept falling down because the bra inside did not fit properly.

Read his response to the wardrobe crash:

Meredith Clark3 May 2022 04:13


Frederick Robertson was mistakenly identified as Jared Letto on the red carpet at the Met Gala.

Robertson, Editor-in-Chief Boy Magazine, for the 2022 Med Gala Iris von Herpan’s silver, spiky dress, paired with a bleach-blonde, slick-back hairstyle.

According to Vanity FairGetty Images has mistakenly identified Robertson as Leto – a repetition made by viewers and reporters alike.

Learn more about false identification:

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Meredith Clark3 May 2022 04:02


Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Belts are attending the first med gala as a married couple.

Actress and model 27, wore a warm pink Valentino gown. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Beckham also wore a cream-colored dress made by a fashion label.

Beckham-Belts revealed their latest wedding to red carpet co-host La La Anthony on April 9 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Chelsea Ritzel3 May 2022 02:59


An amazing project at the Med Gala!

Larry Kambo, the commissioner of New York City Cultural Affairs, proposed nothing more than the Tiffany engagement ring on the steps of the Med Museum.

The proposal met with applause from fellow participants, with reporters asking Kambo “what happened”.

Meredith Clark3 May 2022 02:45


Kim Kardashian wears the “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” outfit of Marilyn Monroe at the 2022 Med Gala.

The 41-year-old billionaire walked the red carpet with boyfriend Pete Davidson, 28.

Speaking to Red Carpet co-host La La Anthony, the Kardashian 60-year-old revealed that she “needs to lose 16 pounds to fit”. The sleeveless pop Maggie dress became popular in 1962 by Marilyn Monroe, who serenaded it on President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday.

Meredith Clark3 May 2022 02:21


Kara stuns in a red dress without gold and topless painted for the Televigna Met Gala.

The model, 29, walked on the red carpet with silk trousers in a double breasted red suit jacket. The former Victoria’s Secret model led the Guilded Age with a cane.

As she walked on the red carpet, Televignne unbuttoned her suit jacket to reveal her gold-plated body, hanging gold necklaces, and leaf chains around her body.

Meredith Clark3 May 2022 02:09


Kylie Jenner’s look spark Mixed reaction From the fans as they wore the baseball cap to the Med Gala.

Kylie Cosmetics founder, 24, 2022 Med Gala wore a white wedding dress to the red carpet. The white ball gown was paired with a veiled baseball cap and covered with white flowers.

Jenner previously paired up with his sister Kendall Jenner while wearing both customized lavender and tangerine feathered Versace gowns for the 2019 Med Gala.

Meredith Clark3 May 2022 01:57

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