Millis throw integrated no-hitter vs. Billis

New York – Tyler McGillThe man who started the second no-hitter in Mets history, it is not known what he started long after he left the pitch. Drew Smith And Seth Lugo The television broadcast in the coach’s room informed them; They rushed to the ninth duckout. I did just that Joey Rodriguez, Who was receiving treatment because the sensation washed him away. He also returned to the field.

Only Edwin Diaz He understood the situation when he was in the game, but at the time, it would have been hard to catch up without anyone on City Field knowing. By the time Diaz fired Bryce Harper to open the ninth inning on Friday, the crowd was already on its feet. While Diaz was fanning Nick Castellanos, many more got up from their seats. When Phyllis became the 315th no-hitter in Major League history and defeated the Jedi Realmuto to capture the 315th win, Thias pressed his fist and let out a sigh of relief as his teammates circled around him.

“How many times do you see a no-hitter?” First paceman Pete Alonso contributed a solo homer to the victory. “It’s like looking at a white buffalo or a unicorn.”

McGill was never even a part of the Little League, but he was instrumental in contributing to the first 15 outs. Some came easily. With his pace and his control inconsistent, McGill needed 88 pitches to complete five innings. He walked three batters and benefited from a diving Brandon Nimmo catch in the third inning that robbed Jean Sekura of victory. Even at that point, manager Buck Schwolder, McGill, a young pitcher with workload worries, understood that he was “apparently not going to finish the game.”

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So the no-hitter became more of a unicorn, more and more a colorless buffalo. 315 No-No At the highest level, Only 17 combined efforts. Only 27 people cover at least six walks. As pitch numbers became widely available statistics in 1987, both such replacement boxes were checked.

For some, the integration of the no-hitter can cheaply reduce achievement. For the Mets working to create a united team identity, this set the record.

“It simply came to our notice then [will] Be forever in history, ”said James McCann, who caught all nine innings. “Whether it’s a pitcher or five pitchers, it doesn’t win. This is a specialty.

Smith Page, one of the seven MLB pitchers who threw over nine innings without allowing any runs this season, returned to the Mets from McGill. Smith struck out four of the five batsmen he faced and stood up and clapped – his first clue that something significant was happening.

Next up was Rodriguez, who took over the trade in late spring, walked the first batter he saw, triggering a double on the next pitch, then brought the Mets to eighth. Rodriguez has been passing the ball to Luko, a key player in the pitch staff since 2016. He only needed five pitches to record two outs.

Finally, it’s time for Diaz to step inside amidst the throbbing entry music that brought the announced crowd of 32,416 to its feet. Many wore black shirts in solidarity with the Mets who wore their black jersey for the first time this season.

Back at the clubhouse, following one of the most dominant innings of Diaz’s career, they jumped on stage and danced to the Mets DMX songs. McGill referred to himself as “exotic” while others watched his insensitive exterior with amusement. Across the way, the Bills convinced themselves, even when acknowledging the great truth pointed out by this no-hitter.

“It’s a good Mets team,” Harper said. “I don’t think they’ve going anywhere quickly.”

In that sense, this no-hitter sounded different than what Johan Santana threw on June 1, 2012. That no-no, for the first time in franchise history, gave the otherwise lesser Mets a distinct highlight. This removed the burden of history from City Field and opened the door for others to follow.

“It’s one of the highlights that they always play that game again, before games, after games, when it’s raining late,” Nimmo said. “It’s something you like, ‘I want to be a part of the game they play again and again’.”

Although the club became famous for being one of the best youth cycles in baseball, Nimmo waited a long time to become one of the longest running mats. Throughout the league, there were 39 no-hitters after Santana, including the efforts of 18 different teams.

Now, the Mets have another one of their own. It was unusual. It was weird. But, as Nimmo said, “You ‘re one of those people who’s going to play again and again.”

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