Mysterious SEGA broadcast announced, releasing a new project

Image: SEGA

In a post on Twitter, Seka’s official Japanese account announced the upcoming broadcast on BST / 7am ET on Friday, June 3 at 12 noon, ready to release a new project.

At the moment the details are a bit thin on the ground, but guests include Hiroyuki Miyazaki and Yosuke Okunari, who have a long history with the company, and he has again received diverse credits with SEGA.

Translated tweets include:

\ Emergency Notification! /
A live broadcast announcing Seka’s new plan will be aired on June 3 (Friday) from 20:00
Is the origin [Hiroyuki Miyazaki] [Yosuke Okunari] அர்த்தம் What does that mean …?

The image, with the chocolate look of the mega drive controller, indicates that there may be information about a retro-focused program in the broadcast. Maybe a mega CD mini? We’re sure not to get too confident about this, but who knows what will be announced!

Want to watch the broadcast on June 3rd? What do you think this reveals? Let us know with a comment!

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