NCAA Tournament Games, Scores, Updates: Follow Sunday's March Madness action live

The Elite Eight continues Sunday, with two games in the men's and women's brackets as teams jockey for the final four spots.

As Zach Eddy and top-ranked Purdue take on No. 2 Tennessee, then-No. 11 NC State no. 4 should be a great performance as he tries to continue his magical run against Duke. On the women's side, the undefeated no. 1 South Carolina poses its biggest challenge yet to No. 3 will face off at Oregon State, and the no. 3 NC State faces No. 1-ranked Texas.

Get ready for another fun day of college hoops.

Sweet 16 Saturday schedule

Women's Table (Eastern at all times):

No. 1 South Carolina 70, no. 3 Oregon State 58

No. 3 NC State 76, no. 1 Texas 66

Men's Schedule:

No. 1 Purdue 72, no. 2 Tennessee 66

5:05 PM – No. 4 Duke vs. No. 11 NC State (CBS)

live87 updates

  • Duke's problem deepens. Kyle Filipovci throws Michael O'Connell to the floor. NC State leads 56-44 with 4:52 left.

  • Duke's struggles from 3 (2 of 14) now play a large part in its deficit. NC State 54-44, 5:16 left.

  • DJ Defending Burns against each other is a shaky proposition.

  • Technology doesn't matter. NC State now leads 51-42 after Michael McConnell's 3-pointer. Duke's Mark Mitchell fouled the shot while it was in the air

  • NC State coach Kevin Keats was called for a technical when officials ruled the ball went out of bounds as NC State's last touch to Kyle Filipowski.

  • NC State is on fire.

    Duke calls its third timeout at 8:19. The Wolfpack is up 48-40.

    Can NC State win its ninth straight elimination game in earnest and become the sixth 11th seed to advance to the Final Four?

  • Kyle Filipowski picks up his fourth foul at 9:49.

  • Make 10 straight points for DJs. NC State leads 42-38 with 10:42 left in the 12-under period.

  • Duke call timed out at 11:39 p.m. NC State leads 40-38. DJ Horn and DJ Burns scored the last eight points for the Wolfpack.

  • On the next possession, Kyle Filipowski draws a fourth-down foul by Mohamed Tiara to regain the lead for Duke.

    It's fun.

  • Two free throws by DJ Horne gave NC State a 36-35 lead with 12:59 to play.

  • NC State cut Duke's lead to 33-29 with 15:11 left. After the Wolfpack struggled to get anything going in the first half, they made some baskets at the rim in this half.

  • Duke led NC State 27-21 at halftime. The Wolfpack are shooting just 27% from the field and Duke is at 31%. The two teams combined for 17 of 60 from the field. Oops.

    Each team has two key players with two faults. NC State's Mohamed Tiara and DJ Burns and Duke's Kyle Filipowski and Tyrese Proctor.

  • NC State can't buy a basket right now. The Wolfpack have made just one of their last nine attempts with 90 seconds left in the first half.

  • Mohamed Tiara picked up his second foul for NC State. DJ Burns is out of the game as he rebounds with two fouls of his own.

  • NC State ran out of time with 7:07 left to give Duke a 21-14 lead. Jared McCain had 11 of the Blue Devils' 21 points and Duke is playing some great defense as well.

  • DJ Burns missed back-to-back shots at the basket, then picked up a cheap foul after the second miss. It was his second mistake. There is 9:47 left in the first half.

  • Duke had three turnovers in the first 8:10 of the game, but NC State led 12-9 with 11:50 to go in the first half.

    DJ Burns was 3 of 4 for NC State. The remaining team is 1 of 8.

  • DJ Burns had six of NC State's top eight points. The Wolfpack put Duke up 8-7 with 13:25 to play.

  • Final: NC State 76, Texas 66

    The Wolfpack are going to the Final Four for the first time since 1998. They will face South Carolina on Friday. NC State's Asiaha James led the way with 27 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

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