NCAA Women’s Championship Live Announcements: South Carolina beat UConn

Minneapolis – This is a 40 minute championship game, yes.

But if South Carolina starts to show that they can win an NCAA title in the first four minutes of a match on Sunday, even against a formidable, brutal, inflexible Connecticut, the hypothesis is pressure-tested and proven at the best of the game.

The making of a defeat would diminish at some point, but the Camcocks eventually easily defeated the Huskies 64-49 to win the second national championship in their history.

The main problem with UConn on a night full of them is that there is always time for a fight that does not seem so fair.

By the end of the first half of the evening, not even three and a half minutes into the game, South Carolina had a 9-point lead and received baskets from four starters. It had 7 second chance points and 8 rebounds. UConn had a separate layout, except for one module that it would like to revisit.

It was the initial and compelling capture of the pride that Yugan had always – always – cultivated in the national championship games, and set the tone absolutely shocking enough to wonder if the dense thickness of the basketball fans within the goal center would be forgiven. He paid a lot of money to stumble in the first round tournament in Colombia, SC

Instead, they saw South Carolina win its second title in six seasons. Under coach Dan Staley, who took charge in Colombia in 2008, became the first coach to beat UConn’s Geno Ariamma in Sunday’s national championship game, with Camcox moving from a neutral plan to a marquee that became the highlight of the postseason. And like any other place in the country, a destination for respectable recruiters.

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That was before the Sunday Showcase in Minneapolis.

But South Carolina, unlike the injured UConn, had a wire-to-wire option to reach the championship game and deliver the title. Camcox topped the season in the Associated Press poll, which they never surrendered, with a list of five returning starters and 11 returning letterwinners.

Alia Boston, a 6-foot-5 junior forward from the Virgin Islands in the United States, has been the centerpiece from the start, with a career average of double-doubles and a reputation at the end of the season for a female Jaguar. Ariamma was surprised Saturday as “the most difficult person to defend in the United States.”

“If there are one, two, three, four she gets the score,” Ariyamma said. “It simply came to our notice then. She is able to carve where she wants. She gets the edge of the ball whenever she wants. She will recover no matter what ball she chases. She has a knack.

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There was talent around her as well. Gia Cook, a junior guard, came to Minneapolis with three 20-point games this season. Bree Peel proved himself to be one of the most intimidating defenders of all in women’s basketball. Destiny Henderson was a former senior guard who was one of the assistant leaders of the Southeastern Conference, and was based in Rome, Ga .; Victoria Saxton, of A, left the boards and played in the shots.

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They will only lose twice – 1 time in extra time in Missouri on December 30 and 2 to Kentucky in the SEC Championship match – before they enter the NCAA Tournament. Entering Sunday’s game, two days after each of the South Carolina starters released double-digit scoring outings in the final four games against Louisville, the Camcocks averaged 70 points per game, keeping their opponents under 45 and dominating the boards. , With a rebound of plus -19.4, is the best on the field.

They were the exception in having a single-digit point total in a quarter. Camcox, who entered Sunday’s game, had done it 39 times. The Huskies were an unlikely victim for the 40th edition. But after Camcox collected four times more rebounds than two times as many shots, they were first.

The first six South Carolina players scored. UConn’s extraordinary Sophomore defender Paige Bueckers did not score a point, and the Huskies finished the quarter behind 14.

Huskies offense sounded high in second place, UConn’s rebound improved drastically and the Bookers scored 9 runs during that period. Despite playing most of the Boston quarter, UCon never got her point. The advantage of South Carolina, made possible by its great command and the capital of the second chance of the night, fell to 8 at interval.

Gamecox will increase their presence in third place. But the game was tightened up when South Carolina’s scoring entered a solid dry spell for more than four minutes without a bucket.

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The Bookers, however, opened the scoring for the Husky with a jumper 10-point, which was part of an effort that included 14 points and 6 rebounds overnight. When Evina Westbrook brought Yukon’s margin to 6 with a 3-pointer, the team’s second successful shot from behind the arch echoed the Connecticut flag on midcourt.

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But Henderson, who scored the first points of the evening for South Carolina, easily led his team’s score on Sunday, with a career-high 26 points, pushing the edge to 9 immediately at the start of the final quarter. Henderson and Saxton soon used consecutive laps and free throws to rebuild the double-digit lead for Camcox.

On Saturday, Henderson taught South Carolina how to “listen to our game plan and implement it.” She talked about how it was “a great game, a great 40 minutes”.

For Camcox, it was 22 seconds before the start, when they equalized. All that Auriyamma could do after all this time was to stand aside and cross his arms.

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