‘No one but Bobert’: District 3 voters react to possible upset by Democrat Adam Frisch

In a statement Wednesday, Frisch said his campaign is waiting for every vote to be counted.

“We still have a lot of work to do as the votes are still being counted. “I am deeply honored to receive so much support from the people of Colorado’s wonderful 3rd District,” he wrote.

If the margin is this tight, the vote tally won’t be final. Both campaigns will receive a list of voters whose ballots cannot be counted for some reason, and they will try to cure or correct the problems.

“Yes, we are looking at healing,” a spokeswoman for Frisch’s campaign said in a text message.

Curing is usually reserved for ballot envelopes with unverifiable signatures. Votives with physical damage such as tears or stains are also eligible for healing.

District election offices begin the process by reaching out to voters by text message, phone or mail. The window to respond is eight days after Election Day. If voters do not respond, their votes will not be counted.

Ballots eligible for curation are usually a small percentage of the total ballot. In many counties, about 2 percent of cases trigger a cure letter.

If the final results bring Boebert and Frisch within half a percent of each other, it will trigger an automatic restart of the race. If the final margin is higher, one of the campaigns can request a recount, but must pick up the cost.

In Pueblo, Carroll Plymel voted a straight Republican ticket, including Bobert.

“I think she’s doing a good job, but I don’t think she’s re-elected,” Plymell said Wednesday. “It was close, but I was hoping she would win.”

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Plymell said he was not concerned about the integrity of the election.

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