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  • Chiefs tight end 'likes to take every rep on every play'
  • Mahomes also said the team forced the tight end to dial it back while recovering
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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes opened up about the energy Travis Kelce brings to the team during practice and his dedication to preparing each week.

Mahomes spoke to reporters days before he and his team left for Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVII.

In a press conference, he praised his teammate and favorite target – saying his dedication elevated the status of other captains.

He brings a ton [of energy]. People don't even realize it in practice. I mean, the energy that he has,' Mahomes explained.

He wants to take every rep. We have to take him out of practice to rest him and he wants to be out every play.

Patrick Mahomes praised Chiefs quarterback Travis Kelce and the energy he brings to the team
Mahomes says Kelce's dedication to production elevates the rest of the team
When Kelce was injured earlier in the year, Mahomes said he needed to get his effort back

'I think that mentality… when you see [future] Hall-of-Fame tight end and he wants to be a hard-working guy, which raises everyone's standards.

'It elevates the quality of how you train. It raises the bar on how you prepare. Because, you know, that person who's done it at a high level wants to keep doing it every week, every day.

'At the same time, he's having a great time doing it. I think it shows that you can work really hard and have fun coming to work every day.

Mahomes also talked about the start of the season — the tight end suffered an ankle injury that forced him to miss the first game of the season.

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“There were times throughout the season where we had to take him out,” Mahomes revealed. I mean, he doesn't want to, but he needs to get out so his body can heal.

'It's not like his mind isn't there, but you can see his body – it's not moving the way it always does. I think I've been in that rest, and … more time since the original injuries, and now you can see his body coming back, and we felt good going in, even for that Cincy game. Going into the last week and retiring and coming into the playoffs.

'You can tell his body is getting back to the real Travis Kelce, and that's definitely good for him. And I hope we can keep that thing rolling, not just this game, but for years to come.

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