PFT’s Week 8 2022 NFL Draft

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Week eight is already upon us. And I have a lead of nine games.

I didn’t add it last week. We split the 14-game seventh weekend at 9-5 apiece by four splits.

On the year, I’m at 66-41-1. MDS 57-50-1.

This week, we disagreed again in four games.

Scroll through to see all the picks for week eight.

Ravens (-1) at Buccaneers.

M.D.S: The Buccaneers can’t be as bad as they’ve looked the past two weeks, right? I don’t think so, but I don’t think they’ll win on a short week.

Selection of MDS: Ravens 23, Buccaneers 20.

Florio took it: It’s hard to accept that Buccaneers aren’t very nice. But they don’t. And there are the Ravens. The question is whether they can take a late lead.

Florio’s Choice: Ravens 27, Buccaneers 23.

Broncos (+2.5) vs. Jaguars

M.D.S: The Jaguars are in every game, usually falling short at the end. This time they will draw against a Broncos team that is going nowhere.

Selection of MDS: Jaguars 16, Broncos 14.

Florio took it: Will Nathaniel Hackett be left in London?

Florio’s Choice: Jaguars 16, Broncos 13.

Panthers (+4.5) at Falcons.

M.D.S: Kudos to the Panthers and coach Steve Wilks for not giving up on the season that many thought last week. I think the Falcons will come back down to earth this week as they win a surprisingly important game in the NFC South race.

Selection of MDS: Falcons 28, Panthers 17.

Florio took it: I’m not ready to leave the Steve Wilkes Band yet.

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Florio’s Choice: Panthers 24, Falcons 20.

Bears at Cowboys (+9.5).

M.D.S: I liked the way the Bears changed their offense on Monday night Justin Fields There are plenty of opportunities to run, but I’m not sure the Bears can do much against a stout Cowboys defense.

Selection of MDS: Cowboys 17, Bears 10.

Florio took it: Bears get overtime to beat Pats. Do they have anything left in a short week to beat the Cowboys?

Florio’s Choice: Cowboys 20, Bears 14.

Dolphins on Lions (-3.5).

M.D.S: The Lions are getting grooved, and if they can’t be replaced soon, Don Campbell’s seat is going to get really hot. I don’t see anything changing this week.

Selection of MDS: Dolphins 28, Lions 21.

Florio took it: Back with Dua, the dolphins find their groove again.

Florio’s Choice: Dolphins 27, Lions 17.

Cardinals (+3.5) at Vikings.

M.D.S: The Vikings could run away with the NFC North, which I don’t think anyone expected before the season. They will get another win on Sunday.

Selection of MDS: Vikings 24, Cardinals 21.

Florio took it: Minnesota was finding a way to win late, until the Vikings avoided two Big Sixes.

Florio’s Choice: Vikings 28, Cardinals 24.

Raiders (-2) at Saints.

M.D.S: After an ugly start, I expect the Raiders to go on a bit of a run over the next few weeks, including picking up a second straight win in New Orleans on Sunday.

Selection of MDS: Raiders 23, Saints 17.

Florio took it: The Raiders have a chance to force themselves into the playoff conversation. The Saints do too, but only because their division is so bad.

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Florio’s Choice: Raiders 24, Saints 20.

Patriots (-1.5) at Jets.

M.D.S: The Jets are playing better than anyone expected, and their defense will have to do well against a struggling Patriots offense that has yet to figure out its prime.

Selection of MDS: Jets 14, Patriots 13.

Florio took it: When the Patriots feel like they’re falling apart, they find a way to pull it together.

Florio’s Choice: Patriots 17, Jets 14.

Steelers (+11) at Eagles.

M.D.S: The Eagles will run all over the Steelers as they keep the NFL’s only undefeated record intact.

Selection of MDS: Eagles 24, Steelers 10.

Florio took it: Kenny Pickett He needs more reps to work towards his ceiling. He has a long way to go there.

Florio’s Choice: Eagles 31, Steelers 17.

Titans (-2) at Texans.

M.D.S: The Titans have taken a step back from last season, but they’re still the class of the AFC South.

Selection of MDS: Titans 24, Texans 21.

Florio took it: Titans have a knack for quietly racking up victories when no one is looking.

Florio’s Choice: Titans 28, Texans 20.

Commanders in Colts (+3).

M.D.S: Taylor Heinicke vs Sam Ellinger. Can you feel the excitement?

Selection of MDS: Colts 10, Commanders 6.

Florio took it: A business decision to be made Matt Ryan The bench may not go down well with footballers who want to win now.

Florio’s Choice: Commanders 13, Colts 10.

49ers (-1.5) at Rams.

M.D.S: The Rams’ offense has been awful this year, and I can’t believe it’s going to continue like this. They’ll take a step forward and get a crucial NFC West win.

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Selection of MDS: Rams 24, 49ers 21.

Florio took it: The Rams simply don’t have the talent to compete with the 49ers, especially as the 49ers look desperate this weekend.

Florio’s Choice: 49ers 28, Rams 17.

Giants (+3) at Seahawks.

M.D.S: I keep picking against the 6-1 Giants and they keep proving me wrong. Let’s try again.

Selection of MDS: Seahawks 27, Giants 21.

Florio took it: The Giants are good, but the Seahawks are good enough to drag New York’s record back toward reality.

Florio’s Choice: Seahawks 27, Giants 20.

Bakers (+11.5) on the Bills.

M.D.S: Aaron Rodgers Trailed by double digits for the first time, and with good reason: The Bills were simply better than the Packers in all phases of the game.

Selection of MDS: Bills 31, Packers 17.

Florio took it: Green Bay spirit will be ready, but the Bills are too strong.

Florio’s Choice: Bills 42, Packers 10.

Bengals (-3.5) at Browns.

M.D.S: Joe Burrow Great football is being played, and the Bengals will beat the Browns in the two-team AFC North race.

Selection of MDS: Bengals 30, Browns 17.

Florio took it: Bengalis are less disappointed. The Browns are getting bigger.

Florio’s Choice: Bengals 35, Browns 20.

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