Prince William pulled out of his godfather's memorial service due to a personal matter


Prince William A memorial service for the deceased will be missed King Constantine A Greek government source told CNN because of the personal matter.

The Prince of Wales, 41, was expected to attend a memorial service at Windsor Castle on Tuesday.

The source did not elaborate on the last-minute change of plans, but did say who William's wife, the Princess of Wales — was. Recovery after abdominal surgery In January – “Continuing to be good.”

The same source added that William called the family to let them know he was unable to attend.

Kate has stayed out of the public eye as she continues to recuperate at home and is not expected to return to royal duties until after Easter.

King Charles III He is also absent from the service as he continues treatment for an undisclosed cancer. The 75-year-old monarch recently revealed that she was Brought to tears by so many messages of support He has since been diagnosed with cancer.

A separate royal source told CNN that the Prince of Wales' personal matter had nothing to do with the monarch's health.

Queen Camilla leads the family to a memorial service for the last Greek monarch at St George's Church.

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Constantine II of Greece, a second cousin of King Charles III, died in January last year aged 82.

Charles and Constantine enjoyed a close relationship, with the British king naming his cousin godfather to his first son, William.

After a military coup in 1967, Constantine and his family fled to Rome, and the junta appointed a regent in his place.

The Greek monarchy was abolished on June 1, 1973, when the military junta declared the country a republic – a decision supported by a subsequent referendum. Constantine accepted abolition after another referendum was held by the elected civilian government in 1974.

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