Reports: Cooper Kup agrees to a three-year, $ 80 million extension

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It did not take long for news to emerge that the Rams deal had made significant progress Cooper plot A contract for the trash.

The All-Pro receiver agreed to a three-year, $ 80 million extension, with several reports claiming a $ 75 million guarantee. The guaranteed $ 75 million comes first for any recipient Mount DyrekGuaranteed $ 72.2 million. Kup is now under contract until 2026.

He has two years left on the extension he signed in 2020 and $ 31.5 million left.

Rams announced that he had agreed to the extension.

Rams signed defensive lineman Aaron Donald Earlier this week, a three-year, $ 95 million deal, restructuring the market for defense and quarterback Matthew Stafford Signed a four-year, $ 160 million extension ahead of this season.

The team signed on to Linebacker Bobby Wagner (Five years, $ 50 million) and recipient Alan Robinson (Three years, $ 46.5 million) at the free agency.

Kup received his extension from 2005 by becoming the first receiver in 2005 to receive catches, yards and touchdown receptions in 2021. He ended his historic season with the Super Bowl MVP honor.

Update 7:50 PM ET: Three-year initial reports, $ 78.5 million for trash renewed over three years, $ 80 million with $ 75 million warranty.

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