ROYAL NEWS – LIVE: King Charles and David Beckham meet privately after Prince Harry allegedly ‘pushed’

The King hosts a garden party with senior royals like Prince Harry to miss the reunion

King Charles met privately with David Beckham earlier this week while Prince Harry was in England.

The monarch met the former England star to discuss her charity, the King’s Foundation. The Independent understands.

The press was not notified and no pictures were taken at the meeting.

A spokesman for the duke previously said he would not be able to meet his father “due to Her Majesty’s full schedule”.

This comes after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Nigeria where they were mobbed by fans after arriving in Abuja on Friday.

The pair posed for selfies, played with schoolchildren and joked with their teachers as they embarked on their three-day tour.

The trip follows Prince Harry’s brief return to England, where he celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, but did not see his father.

Harry and Meghan are in Nigeria on a whistle-stop tour to promote sports in Africa – and are expected to visit a school, meet wounded servicemen and attend basketball and polo games.


WATCH: Prince William plays volleyball with children on Cornwall beach

Prince William attends a game of volleyball with children on the beach in Cornwall

The Prince of Wales joined children for a game of volleyball on Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, on Thursday, May 9. Prince William, who is also Duke of Cornwall, met youngsters from a local lifeguard club at one of England’s most popular beaches. The prince holds the Duchy of Cornwall, a portfolio of land, property and investments worth more than £1 billion, which provides an income for the heir to the throne. During the visit, William asked a group of young people: “What is there? Good for a few waves. He met members of the RNLI patrolling the beach and lifeguards on duty at the lifeboat station.

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Matt Mathers11 May 2024 10:00


WATCH: Queen Camilla feeds donkeys and horses in Buckingham Palace reception

Queen Camilla feeds donkeys and horses in the Buckingham Palace reception

The Queen fed donkeys and horses carrots during a reception for a “remarkable” horse welfare charity at Buckingham Palace on Thursday 9 May. Alfie the donkey and Lala, the Shetland pony, met celebrity charity supporters as they marked Brooke’s 90th birthday. Since 2006 she has chaired the UK-based international charity which protects and improves the lives of horses, donkeys and mules. Founded in 1934 to support abandoned horses from the First World War, Brook continued. Directly help 1.4 million working animals, now working on three continents and 15 countries.

Matt Mathers11 May 2024 09:29


Harry met King David Beckham while in England

While Prince Harry was in the country, King Charles reportedly met with David Beckham to discuss his charity.

The Duke of Sussex visited England earlier this week but did not see his father, who was too busy with “various priorities”.

The Daily Mail While Harry was at home, the King reportedly met with former England and Manchester United players, although no pictures were taken.

FILE PHOTO: Charles and Beckham at an earlier meeting last year (Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

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‘The Harry and Meghan Show’

A former royal security official has criticized Harry and Meghan’s “presidential-style” trip to Nigeria, describing it as a “Harry and Meghan show”.

The Sussexes have a four-man security team for the three-day trip, which comes after Harry celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

“Seeing all his presidential-style defenses really stuck in the throat,” Davies told the Mail.

‘To a couple who say it’s privacy to go to the most dangerous places in the world, I’m not saying that, it’s the Foreign Office, crazy, you have to wonder why.

“You have to ask yourself is this really about the charities or is this a Harry and Meghan show?”

Harry and Meghan on their journey (Reuters)

Matt Mathers11 May 2024 08:15


How Harry and Charles were a twenty minute drive away – but miles away

The distance between St Paul’s Cathedral, where Harry hosted the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, and Buckingham Palace, where Charles hosted the spring garden party, is two miles – or about £14 in an Uber – and still served. To highlight how far the pair still have.

Matt Mathers11 May 2024 08:00


King Charles rejects meeting with Prince Harry because of ‘full show’

The King met soccer legend David Beckham on Thursday, but was unable to make time to see his son Prince Harry due to a busy schedule, according to reports.

The Duke of Sussex made a three-day visit to the UK for the Invictus Games, a sports competition for ex-servicemen founded by Harry in 2014.

Instead of seeing Harry, King Charles met Mr Beckham and the two reportedly spoke about the King’s Foundation charity, which the King founded in 1986.

“In response to numerous inquiries and continued speculation about whether or not the Duke will meet his father while in England this week, unfortunately that is not possible due to Her Majesty’s full schedule,” Harry’s official spokesperson told The Mirror. .

Viswam Shankaran11 May 2024 07:30


Meghan Markle snaps at Prince Harry during Nigeria visit: ‘Why did I marry him?’

Alexander Butler11 May 2024 07:00


Harry and Meghan dance with school children

Harry and Meghan danced with school children, jumping and twirling before interacting with the children.

Then they talked to the kids about mental health, saying, “There’s no shame.”

“No shame in admitting today was a bad day, okay?” said Harry.

“You woke up sad this morning; You’re at school and feeling stressed; “You’ve lost a loved one in your family and you don’t know who to turn to or who to talk to,” added the Duke of Sussex.

He urged students to talk about their mental health issues.

“The more you talk about it, the more you can kick the stigma, get out into the long grass, and then everyone has a chance to share how they’re feeling and how they’re coping. Help others,” Harry said.

“So if you take anything away from today, know that mental health affects every person,” he added.

Viswam Shankaran11 May 2024 06:30


‘There’s no shame in having a bad day’, Harry tells students on ‘official’ trip to Nigeria with Meghan

Alexander Butler11 May 2024 06:00


Meghan and Harry talk mental health on visit to Nigeria

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan spoke to students about mental health during their recent trip to Nigeria.

Harry and Meghan visited Lightway Academy, which is run by a not-for-profit organization supported by their Archiwell Foundation.

“A lot of people don’t want to talk about it because it’s invisible. It’s something we can’t see in our minds. It’s not like a broken leg, it’s not like a broken wrist,” Duke Sussex said.

“Every single person in this room, young and old, every single person is mentally ill. So you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others,” said Harry.

Meghan asked the students not to suffer in silence.

“Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, and that starts with your mental health by talking about what’s ahead for you,” she said.

Viswam Shankaran11 May 2024 05:30

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