Russia says Ukraine launched missile attack on Crimea

  • By Paul Adams & Megan Fisher
  • BBC News in Kiev, Ukraine and London

image source, Mikhail Rasvozhaev

image caption,

A photo shared by the Russian-installed governor on Telegram showed what appeared to be a ship in flames.

Russia says Ukraine launched 10 missiles and three drones at its Black Sea fleet home in Crimea.

Russia said the attack caused a massive fire at the Sevastopol shipyard, injuring 24 people.

Moscow-based governor Mikhail Rasvozayev said most of the weapons had been intercepted.

Russia said two of its ships were damaged by cruise missiles.

A photo shared by Mr Rasvozhayev on Telegram shows the ship in port in flames.

The ships are believed to be in the repair area. Ukrainian military intelligence sources said a large Russian amphibious landing craft and a submarine – both believed to be in dry dock – were damaged. If both are struck, it will be one of Ukraine’s most significant attacks on the Black Sea Fleet so far.

Mykola Oleshchuk, commander of Ukraine’s air force, warned there was more to come.

Images circulating on social media, which the BBC has yet to verify, show several large explosions in the area.

A real concern in Moscow is that some of the missiles went through Russia’s air defenses and caused significant damage.

Seven missiles were downed and three unmanned boats were destroyed, the country’s defense ministry said.

image caption,

Smoke hung in the air the morning after the attack on the Sevastopol shipyard

Ukraine has previously targeted Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet, but there are questions about what weapons were used in the attack. Western-supplied long-range missiles were suggested, but Ukrainian-made Neptune missiles could also be used.

Meanwhile, Russian drones reportedly damaged Ukraine’s grain port of Ismail on the Danube River.

Ole Kiper, the governor of the Odesa region, said six people were injured in the attack, and the fire and infrastructure were damaged.

“Several groups of drones were launched in Ismail district,” Mr Kipper said in a telegram.

“Unfortunately, there were hits: there was damage to the port and other civilian infrastructure.”

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