Russia-Ukraine War News: Russia Says Admiral Viktor Sokolov Is Alive

In May, at a ceremony in Sevastopol on the occupied Crimean peninsula, the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Adm. Victor Sokolov attended. (Alexey Pavlyshak/Reuters)

The commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, Adm. Uncertainty continues to surround the fate of Viktor Sokolov. of Russia Government run defense television channel And Pro-Russian telegraph channels Sokolov released videos of himself speaking on Wednesday — but it’s unclear when the footage was filmed. It came a day after Russia’s Defense Ministry released a video showing Sokolov attending a meeting via video link. The Washington Post found no signs of apparent manipulation in the video, but could not independently confirm its authenticity.

Ukraine’s special operations forces said Tuesday they were “clarifying information” on Sokolov’s condition. “Available sources indicate that the commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was among the dead,” but several bodies have yet to be identified, it said. Last Friday’s strike on Sevastopol was an embarrassing defeat for Russian air defenses, and the US-based think tank noted that Sokolov’s death, if confirmed, would “create a significant disruption of command and control in the Russian Black Sea Fleet”.

Here’s the latest news on the war and its impact around the world.

Russian state-run defense television channel Zvezda News released a video of Sokolov speaking to reporters on Wednesday. “Surface forces, submarine forces, naval aviation and coastal forces are successfully carrying out their tasks,” Sokolov said. However, the date the video was filmed is unclear – in the clip, Sokolov describes an award his unit received from Russian President Vladimir Putin in August. Meanwhile, pro-Russian Telegram channels in Sevastopol posted a video of Sokolov handing out awards to the winning soccer team in a tournament that ended on September 18.

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to comment Tuesday on whether Sokolov was alive. He told reporters that the White House was aware of a video of the meeting previously released by Russia’s Defense Ministry, in which Sokolov is shown on screen in uniform but not speaking, adding that there is “nothing to confirm at this time.” The Institute for War StudiesA US-based think tank said on Tuesday that “the Russian MoD is not prepared at this time to assess the credibility of Sokolov’s sightings or Sokolov’s position on Earth”.

A Polish cabinet minister has called for a 98-year-old Ukrainian soldier who fought in the Nazis to be extradited from Canada. During World War II. Yaroslav Hanka’s attendance at an event in the Canadian Parliament last week when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke sparked widespread protests and led to the resignation of Canada’s House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota. Trudeau called it “deeply embarrassing.” Polish Minister of Education Przemysław Zarneck said He said the incident was “scandalous” and that he would move to extradite Hanka to Poland to face legal action.

Zelensky has appointed former soccer player and national team coach Andriy Shevchenko as a presidential adviser., According to an order Published tuesday Shevchenko has been involved in politics since 2012, when he contested the Ukrainian parliamentary elections. According to Kyiv post, but could not win a place.

Russian representation at UN Human Rights Council “inconsistent with their actions in Ukraine” State Department spokesman Matthew Miller pointed to the alleged war crimes during a press conference Tuesday. Russia was kicked out of the council shortly after it invaded Ukraine, but the BBC reported Moscow is trying to rejoin this week.

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Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergey Alynyk said he could not imagine his country joining a war with Russia in Ukraine.A Interview With the Associated Press. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a close ally of Putin, allowed Russia in February 2022 to use Belarusian territory to send troops into Ukraine. Lukashenko has said his forces will only join the war if Belarus is attacked.

Norway provides Ukraine with additional aid worth approximately $92.5 million, The government said in a statement to ensure “necessary protection and essential aid for Ukrainians in need” ahead of another winter war. Report.

The Ukrainian government has fully implemented the seven recommendations of the European Commission to further advance the path to membership of the European Union, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmihal said. In that announcement, A Report Unveiling a plan aimed at improving opportunities for minorities and indigenous peoples, Schmihal warned that “there is still a long and difficult road ahead” for Ukraine to join the EU bloc. The EU granted Ukraine candidate status last year, although experts warn full membership could be decades away.

At least 504 children have been killed in Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began, According to According to the data of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine published on Tuesday. More than 1,125 children were injured.

The US Department of Defense has refused to share information about the US delivery of ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine. “I don’t have any announcements to make on ATACMS,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters. News conference. The Post reported last week that the Biden administration plans to field a version of the long-range missiles, citing people familiar with the matter.

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Russia attacks Odessa port in latest attack on Ukrainian grain: The Russian attack on Odessa is the latest attack on Ukraine’s key agricultural sector, as Moscow seeks to exploit divisions between Kyiv and its European neighbors over grain exports, Alex Horton and Kamila Harabchuk report. The strike killed at least two people, destroyed granaries and damaged port facilities.

Russia’s disruptions to Ukraine’s use of the Black Sea as a highway for food exports have forced Kiev to explore land routes, but Ukraine has faced opposition from its closest neighbors.

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