Russian journalist Oksana Paulina killed in Kiev shelling: NPR

Russian journalist Oksana Paulina in 2017. Paulina was killed in a rocket attack while on duty in Kiev.

Pavel Golovkin / AB

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Pavel Golovkin / AB

Russian journalist Oksana Paulina in 2017. Paulina was killed in a rocket attack while on duty in Kiev.

Pavel Golovkin / AB

Russian journalist Oksana Paulina was killed in a rocket attack while on duty in Kiev. According to her bossIndependent news website The Insider.

“She” died in the fire “when Russian troops filmed the devastation after shelling in the capital’s Bodil district, the site said. Another civilian was killed in the attack, and two others who were with Paulina were hospitalized with injuries.

Paulina previously worked as the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, a Russian non-profit organization founded by Alexei Navalny, a Kremlin critic who has been a voice for more than a decade. After the Russian government Declared a terrorist organization In June 2021, Paulina had to leave the country to continue reporting on government corruption The InsiderHeadquartered in Latvia.

“Oksana went to Ukraine as a reporter, he was able to send several reports from Lviv and Kiev,” the release added. “The Insider extends its deepest condolences to Oksana’s family and friends.”

Paulina’s colleagues and supporters are recalling her life on social media and demanding responsibility for her death.

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Investigative journalist Alexei Kovaliov said he had known Paulina for nearly two decades and had worked with her at several independent outlets. Described her in a tweet “Unique sense of moral clarity” journalist Cristo Kuroshev Called her “Amazing courage.”

Vladimir Milov, who worked with Paulina at the Anti-Corruption Foundation Promised in a tweet Revenge her.

“I promise I will never forget her, and to all those responsible for her death, that they will not (only) escape a trial and verdict,” Milov wrote. Al Jazeera.

The Insider “It will continue to cover the war in Ukraine,” he said, adding that Russian war crimes, such as indiscriminate shelling of residential areas, have resulted in the deaths of civilians and journalists.

Sergei Domalenko, President of the Ukrainian Press Association. Wrote on Facebook Paulina was not the only journalist killed by Russian forces on Wednesday.

The English translation of Facebook states that Victor Tedov, the operator of a local television channel in the besieged southeastern city of Mariupol, was killed on March 11.

Many more journalists have been killed since the war first erupted in Ukraine a month ago.

They include the American video journalist Brent RenatFox News Cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski And Ukrainian freelancer Oleksandra Kuvshinova. Citing Ukrainian statements, The Says the BBC In late February, Ukrainian journalist Shakirov Tillerbek Shukurovich was killed, camera operator Yevny Sakun was killed in a Russian shelling of a TV tower in Kiev in March, and intelligence journalist Victor Duterte was with Russian troops during a battle with the southern city of Mykolayiv.

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Tribute to Paulina on Twitter:

This story first appeared Morning Edition Live blog.

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