Seth Meyers speculates on why Fox dumped Tucker Carlson

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Fox News did not say why it fired Tucker Carlson.

The late-night hosts speculated that she was acquitted by her text messages mocking former President Donald Trump and Fox executives.

“Fox couldn’t care less when Tucker said mean, hurtful things about other people on TV, but when he said it in private about Fox News executives, they were suddenly outraged,” Seth Meyers said.

“I don’t know why he was fired. Fox has no problem with his bigotry, racism and paranoid conspiracy theories, so I doubt he was fired for that. I mean, firing Tucker now for racism — after putting up with it for so long — is like canceling ‘Sesame Street.’ , because you found out they were toys. – Seth Meyers

“But what could they possibly have to embarrass Tucker Carlson? Did he once try to buy a fuel-efficient car? I mean, does he have a collection of paintings that Hitler didn’t do?” – Jimmy Kimmel

Black Thought and the El Michaels affair brought soul singer Kirby to “The Tonight Show” for a “Glorious Game” performance on Wednesday.

James Corden will be joined by Harry Styles and Will Ferrell for his “Late Late Show” finale on Thursday.

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