SNL’s Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon were out in the cast

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Kate McKinnon and Pete Davidson say goodbye to “Saturday Night Live” during the show’s 47th finale – as part of a major cast shake-up announced at the popular Midnight Comedy Show.

Eighty Bryant and Kyle Mooney leave the show, According to the Associated PressAfter SornL co-founder and executive producer Lorne Michaels Predicted A “year of change” after this season.

The show did not formally acknowledge the exit Of the four cast members, some said goodbye openly, while others performed with departure themes During Saturday’s finals, actress Natasha Lyon hosted the event Band Japanese breakfast. NBCUniversal was not immediately available for comment early Sunday.

In the cold open air, McKinnon played one of his many recurring characters, alien kidnapper Colin Rafferdy, who shared detailed details of his experience with Pentagon intelligence officials.

At the end of the skit, Colin volunteered to leave Earth with a group of aliens as part of an agreement with the government to protect extraterrestrial technology.

“Well, Earth. I love you. Thank you for letting me stay for a while, ”McKinnon said passionately as he entered through the door that looked like the entrance of a spaceship.

“Live from New York, it’s Saturday night,” he added.

Davidson, who played himself, appeared in the “Weekend Update” section and spoke openly about his departure and affection for the show.

After the “update”, co-host Colin Jost asked him, “Are you officially leaving?” Davidson, 28, replied, “Yes, man, Lorne accidentally gifted me a sock so I’m free” – this is a reference to Toby’s role in “Harry Potter”, which he released by his wizard masters. Unexpectedly gave a sock.

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Lorne Michaels still lives Saturday night

“I appreciate that SNL has always been on my back and allowing me to work and grow on my own,” Davidson said emotionally.

Davidson shared that in 2017 he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Michaels thanked me for “not leaving me or judging me in spite of everyone, and for trusting me and allowing me to find a place where I can call home with memories that will last a lifetime.”

On Instagram Mail “Saturday Night Live” writer Dave Cyrus shared that Davidson was “very happy” to share his final sketch with the audience.

“Since I am a stand up I will try my stand up and personal bits myself in the weekend update and I am so glad I did,” the Davidson-signed Instagram post said. On the social media site. “I want to share a lot with this audience and really grow before your eyes.”

This post featured a video of Davidson eight years ago, in which the comedian said he was “recovering from doing my first update and painting”.

“It is insane to think that I will do my last deed today,” he added.

Bryant appeared in “Weekend Update” and reappeared as a Trend Predictor with co-stars Bowen Yang and “Update” co-host Michael Che.

Bryant, who attended the show, is in the skit section, which predicts what the comedians will do or come out of in the future. For a decadeSays, “In 10 good years.”

Yang says, “In: I could not have done this without a friend.”

Deadline And Variety Mooney also announced on Friday that he was leaving the show.

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During Saturday’s finals, he played a caring partner in the 1981 skit remake.9:15 to 5:10”- Mooney and former SNL actor Fred Armissen ended up jumping out the window of a tall building.

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