Temperatures continue to drop across Central America this morning as arctic air moves south and east


The The Great Winter Storm As Arctic air is pushed south and east, crossing the nation causes a dramatic drop in temperatures across Central America.

Some highlights:

Casper, Wyoming

(Mountain Time)

In the 18 hours between 7:40 a.m. Wednesday and 1:35 a.m. Thursday, the temperature dropped 70 degrees.

7:40 a.m. Wednesday: 28 degrees.

Wednesday 8am: 3 degrees.

Casper dropped 25 degrees in just 20 minutes on Wednesday.

1:35 a.m. Thursday: Minus 42 degrees

6:00 AM Thursday: Minus 35 degrees with a wind chill of minus 76 degrees.

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(Mountain Time)

It dropped 65 degrees in 16 hours.

12:58 PM Wednesday: 50 degrees.

Thursday morning 4:58: Minus 15 degrees.

The biggest dip came when the temperature dropped from 46 degrees at 3:58 pm on Wednesday to minus 1 degree at 5:58 pm in two hours to 47 degrees.

Amarillo, Texas

(Central Time)

It dropped 42 degrees in six hours.

11:53 PM Wednesday: 41 degrees.

Thursday morning 5:53: Minus 1 degree.

The wind chill this morning is minus 7 degrees.

Wichita, Kansas

(Central Time)

It dropped 36 degrees in nine hours.

9:53 PM Wednesday: 34 degrees.

Thursday morning 6:53: Minus 2 degrees.

However, the temperature dropped from 20 degrees to 32 to 12 One Wednesday 11:53 PM to 12:53 PM.

Temperatures are still dropping and are expected to drop near minus 4 Thursday morning.

Kansas City, Missouri

(Central Time)

30 degrees dropped in 6 hours.

11:54 pm (Wed): 32 degrees.

5:54 am (Thursday): 2 degrees.

Temperatures are forecast to continue to drop this morning, with temperatures near minus 7 in the afternoon.

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Oklahoma City

(Central Time)

34 degrees dropped in 14 hours.

4:52 PM (Wed): 42 degrees.

6:52 am (Thursday): 8 degrees.

Today, the temperature dropped from 37 degrees at 2:52 am to 14 degrees at 4:52 am, the biggest drop was 23 degrees in 2 hours.

Temperatures are expected to drop below 4 degrees on Thursday morning.

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