Texas firefighters have battled 178 fires in the past week, causing more than 108,000 acres to burn, according to the state Forest Service.

“Firefighters set up a fort on Star Hollow Road south of Liban, where they prevented it from spreading,” the tweet added.

Hood County, located on the Edwards Plateau, is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area. Erat County, to its west, is home to two of North America’s largest renewable natural gas plants.

The Texas A&M Forest Service said Monday that firefighters are trying to protect people and homes as 178 wildfires burned more than 108,000 acres across the state last week.

Wildfires affecting southwestern Texas are expected to worsen Monday, according to a Forest Service report.

Authorities said wildfire activity increased due to “critical fire weather and high winds” detected on Interstate 35 on Sunday.

Firefighters responded last week to 178 wildfires that burned 108,493 acres across the state, the report said.

As of Sunday, there were 23 wildfires, Texas A&M Forest Service spokeswoman Erin O’Connor said. Is too large Eastland Complex Fire Tears through Central Texas.
A total of 54,463 acres of the campus have been affected by seven fires and are currently 60% on fire, according to the website. InciWeb.

Seven fires in the Eastland Complex fire:

  • Kidfire, Eastland County (42,333 acres, 45% included)
  • Blowing Basin Fire, Eastland County (value 241 acres, 60% included)
  • Cedar Mountain Fire, Eastland County (Estimated. 179 acres, 40% included)
  • Oak Mode Fire, Brown County (4,031 acres, 80% included)
  • Wheat field fire, Eastland County (7,268 acres, 60% included)
  • Mangam Fire, Eastland County (11 acres, 95% included)
  • Walling Fire, Eastland County (383 acres, 100% included)

The four initial fires that caused the Eastland Complex fire started last Wednesday and Thursday, the Forest Service said. A total of 158 buildings were destroyed, fire officials said. No differences were reported between homes, businesses or buildings.

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The cause of the fire is under investigation.

On Friday, Governor Greg Abbott said at least 50 homes were destroyed in three communities.

Some relief may come Monday afternoon because the region is on the verge of severe storms and two inches of rain is expected, CNN meteorologist Robert Shackleford said. Across the State, The Severe weather Up to 20 million texans could be affected in the afternoon and evening, Shackleford added.

Abbott ordered the state emergency office to mobilize several units and keep them ready, including two search and rescue teams and several Swiftwater boat crews.

The Eastland Complex fire spread throughout central Texas Sunday.
At least one person was killed in the blaze. Eastland County Assistant Sergeant. Barbara Fenley He died Thursday night after helping to evacuate people in the town of Carbon, 100 miles west of Fort Worth.

The Eastland County Sheriff’s Office said he was last heard when he went to help an elderly man.

Amid poor conditions and low visibility of smoke, Fenley ran off the road and was killed in the fire, the sheriff’s office said.

Abbott issued disaster notices for 11 districts, including Eastland, on Friday. He ordered the flags to be flown at half-mast In memory of Fenley.

The governor said we will never forget his sacrifice.

CNN’s Claudia Dominguez, Paradise Afshar, Holly Yan and Christina Maxouris contributed to this report.

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