Texas wildfire: Evacuation orders due to fire in some parts of the Central District

Carry Hines, a spokeswoman for the Texas A&M Forest Service, said evacuation orders were in effect for parts of the Eastland, Brown and Komanche districts and no injuries had been reported so far. About 475 homes in Gorman were evacuated, officials said in an update National Inc.Web Wildfire Information System.

The site said at least four fires that started this week were creating complex fires. 4% of the campus was Friday morning, the Forest Service said.

“The #Eastland Complex in Eastland County covers 4% of 45,383 acres of land. Tweet.
In the small town of Ranger – about 10 miles northeast of Eastland – a church and several downtown buildings were burned Thursday. KDVT Reported.

“I’ve been a fire chief here for 40 years. If you have something like this … it hurts. It hurts the whole community,” said Darrell Fox, head of the Ranger Fire Department. “You know, this church has been here for 100 years. [And] This was my first fire station when I first went to work for the City of Ranger. So you know, it’s a lot of emotional. “

Related WFAA On Friday morning crews were reported to have requested air support to help put out the fire. The flight attendants were there to help, but the Forest Service said strong winds could land them from time to time.
Even the forest department Said Another fire in the nearby Rannals and Coleman counties, which burned 7,000 acres late Thursday, escaped the Line of Control “because of the fire action caused by high winds.” Service officials said the fire was 50% under control.

Highway 153 was closed to non-emergency personnel incoming traffic. According to the Coleman Fire Department, it has reopened.

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“Highway 153 is open to traffic and residents can return to their homes. Anyone returning should be alert and vigilant. Units 153 and units in the south are still operating,” the Coleman Fire Department said in a Facebook post.

State Department of Transportation officials have asked residents of Runnales County and Coleman County to “refrain from approaching first responders from Carbon to Gorman to Lake Lyon so they can work to control / turn off sections of Highway 6”.

A Then Residents north of the highway are expected to be able to return to their homes “in two hours” after Thursday night, the fire department said.
A discharge was removed late Thursday in nearby Taylor County, which covers parts of the Abilene, the National Weather Service of Abilene / San Angelo Said Thursday night, but residents were asked to remain vigilant as critical fire weather conditions are expected to continue. Storm Forecast Center Had warned earlier A “more turbulent fire environment” was expected to form on the Edwards Plateau, posing a “very significant” fire hazard to the area and the Bermian Basin, including San Angelo.
Separately, the Forest Service responded Thursday to requests for help with about 50% of the fires in more than 3,800 acres in Sterling County. Said.
The day before, Texas Governor Greg Abbott Directed To activate more resources to combat “increased fire and weather conditions”, the state’s emergency management unit also urged residents across the state to “be weather-vigilant and practice diligently later in the week to keep wildfire safety safe in their communities.”

CNN’s Amanda Musa, Melissa Alonso and Joe Sutton contributed to the report.

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