The 12 Teams Representing Europe In the FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is getting closer, and we know that it will be one of the greatest showdowns in Soccer this year. With many sites already working their FIFA World Cup odds, we just know that the time is near, and we can’t wait for it to begin.

With most of the qualifying rounds and even the group stages done, we can see that Europe, like every FIFA WC tournament, has the most teams representing. In that case, we dedicate this post to looking at how each of the 12 already qualified teams stand. Let’s dive right in!


After having a convincing qualifying round in the group stages, one of the first teams to qualify from Europe was Belgium. We saw a dominating Belgian team that was unbeatable by the teams in their group. As a result, we would be seeing last time’s 3rd placed team in Qatar try to go further in the competition and maybe win their first international major men’s soccer trophy.


The 2018 finalist and runners-up are the second on our list as they also were one of the first teams to book their place in Qatar. The team dominated the qualifying rounds by beating most of the teams in their group. Even though the squad is congested with old legs, they are still working on going far in this competition. We can see that their star players remain effective even for their respective clubs.


How far will England go in this tournament? The question was if they would qualify but if they have what it takes to win their second-ever FIFA World Cup trophy. It has been a long time coming because the English team has always been star-studded. They lost in the semis the last time, and in the Euros, they lost out on penalties. We can see them get closer, and maybe 2022 might just be the year football comes home.

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Denmark is a formidable football team, and even though they do not have many stars like top European teams, they have always been competitive. We’ve seen what they can do in various international competitions, and they continue to make their country proud. Would they be able to take it a step further this year? We’ll have to find out when the competition starts in November. And with Eriksen back, they might have a shot.


Current world champions are going to Qatar for a chance to defend their title and, if possible, become of the teams to win back-to-back world cup trophies. The team still has its star-studded squad, and the good thing is that the veteran striker is back in the fray. So, we have a more formidable French team this season. Therefore, there is a good chance they can go all way and maybe break the champions’ curse.


Germany is one of the most formidable teams in Europe. They last won the trophy in 2014, and after a disappointing outing in 2018, the team is looking rejuvenated. We might just see one of the best German teams since 2014, where they will go all the way and may win their fourth World Cup trophy, taking them level with Italy and one behind Brazil.


The Netherlands is back in the World Cup. After missing out on the 2018 world cup competition in Russia, they’ve worked their way to the group stages. The team is now more formidable than ever, with young talents rising through the ranks. We have a strong team that can compete globally with other top teams. As a result, 2022 might just be their chance to win their first world cup trophy.

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The Polish team has never really been world-beaters in their history. However, they’ve tried to compete at a high level, and with Lewandowski, they’ve had a good chance. This might be Lewandowski’s last chance to win a competitive international trophy for his country. However, it is an uphill task as he doesn’t have many talents around him. So, they might not do so well in the competition.


The FIFA World Cup is the missing piece for Cristiano Ronaldo, who is nearing the end of his illustrious career. He has won virtually all there is to be won, but if only he could get his hands on the trophy. Fortunately, he has one more chance to play in the competition after Portugal sealed their spot in their final qualifying round game. Undoubtedly, the team is star-studded, so there is a real chance.


Serbia is a strong team that has all it takes to make an impact in the world cup. However, they’ve been unlucky for many years. The team might not have a huge star player, but they work as a unit to ensure that they win. However, all eyes will be on the young prolific striker, Dusan Vlahovic, and veteran forward Dusan Tadic to help their team go as far as possible.


One of the most exciting teams to watch in Europe is Switzerland. They’ve been responsible for some exciting world cup moments over the years. Even though they haven’t won the competition, they have a good chance to showcase an impressive work rate that can take them closer to the top. So, we expect a lot from the Swiss team in Qatar.

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The Spanish team was the most exciting and formidable team from 2008 to 2012. They dominated Europe and the World. The team brought a new style to the way we play, and ever since, they have been exciting to watch. Although they are yet to go back to that glorious period, the team is coming up, and we might just see the impeccable Spanish team in Qatar this November.

Final Note

The FIFA World Cup is a tough competition that many teams and players want to win. And we’ve seen so many impressive playing moments that make the tournament even better. So, we look forward to what the 2022 FIFA World Cup and the European teams have for us.

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