The jury was shown the Weiselberg lease signed by Trump

Former President Trump signed off on a lease on an Upper West Side apartment used by former Trump Organization chief financial officer Alan Weiselberg, prosecutors showed a jury in the company’s criminal tax fraud trial on Tuesday. Bloomberg reported.

According to Bloomberg, the lease represents part of the prosecution’s efforts to show that the Trump Organization and its executives engaged in a years-long scheme to avoid taxes.

Weiselberg, a central witness in the prosecution, allegedly received a $6,500-a-month apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and $10,000 in moving fees from the Trump Organization.

A lease shown to jurors on Tuesday showed the apartment was leased by Weiselberg or other company employees and was signed by Trump, according to Bloomberg.

The Trump Organization has been accused of offering incentives to corporate executives to evade taxes. The Chief Justice had said last week that no crime has been charged against the former president in the case Trump and his three adult children may be called to testify.

However, there was an investigation stopped Later on Tuesday, Trump Organization comptroller Jeffrey McCaney, the prosecution’s first witness, tested positive for Covid-19.

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