The Pixel Watch 2 is not compatible with the original Pixel Watch case

Google’s design for the Pixel Watch is truly beautiful, but protecting it is something many people want to do. However, despite the similarities, cases for the original Pixel Watch will not support the Pixel Watch 2.

At first glance, and even on closer inspection, the Pixel Watch 2 looks very similar to the original model. It has the same waterdrop display, the same overall size, just about everything. But, as it turns out, things are Just Different enough to break support for existing accessories.

If you look Search for Pixel Watch Cases and more on AmazonYou may see a trend of some brands changing their listings to say that products are “not for Pixel Watch 2”. Spigen, LitigationAnd some note the difference.

So, what’s the problem?

Changes to the hardware in the Pixel Watch 2, mainly the crown, made most of the existing parts from the original Pixel Watch incompatible. That is, if they include a crown or button. It’s a small change that’s hard to see, but you can see side-by-side that the new crown is slightly larger and the second button is slightly different. On the other hand, we also noticed that the appearance of the microphone cutout has been changed.

Basically, if you’re thinking of scoring a case for the Pixel Watch 2, don’t buy anything just yet. With the speed with which those parts arrived last year, you won’t be waiting long.

Pixel Watch 2 (L) vs Pixel Watch (R)

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