Trump Takes Fifth Amendment in NY Deposition: Live Notices

Former President Donald J. Trump’s legal threat escalated significantly on Monday, when federal agents were armed with warrants. Searched for his Mar-a-Lago club and a home in Palm Beach, Fla.

It wasn’t immediately clear what investigators may have seized, but a search followed Central government officials visited While leaving the White House at Palm Beach Gardens in the spring, Mr. To discuss the items Trump improperly carried with him.

In a reminder of how much legal scrutiny Trump faces over his 2024 re-election bid, federal officials have raided the former president’s private home.

He and his family have criticized various investigations revolving around him as biased or vindictive, and have denied wrongdoing.

Federal prosecutors conducted the investigation Mr. Trying to reverse Trump’s loss Witnesses have been asked directly about his involvement in those efforts in the 2020 elections. In Georgia, the criminal investigation focused on his push to change election results there.

And immediately, Mr. Trump is scheduled to be impeached on Wednesday. Prolonged civil trial over whether he and his family’s real estate business fraudulently inflated the value of his hotels, golf courses and other properties to obtain favorable loans.

The status of other investigations into the former president — a criminal investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office — is difficult to fathom. Spring seemed to lose steam. (One thing that receded into the background resurfaced on Tuesday A federal appeals court ruled that Mr. The House ruled that it could access Trump’s tax returns.)

This is where Mr. Significant investigations involving Trump are pending.

New York State Civil Trial

Mr. Trump has fought for months to avoid a high-stakes deposition scheduled to sit Wednesday, which could shape the outcome of a civil investigation into New York Attorney General Letitia James and her family business, the Trump Organization. . (Registration was supposed to be in July; then it got delayed Death of his first wife, Ivana.)

Ms. James’s trial, which is in its final stages, said Mr. The focus is on whether the financial statements in which Trump valued his assets reflected a pattern of fraud or were examples of his penchant for exaggeration.

James said in court filings this year that the Trump Organization’s business practices were “fraudulent or misleading,” but said his office should investigate Mr. Trump and his two adult children, Ivanka and Donald Jr. Responsible for behavior.

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The duo recently appeared and gave statements after the judge ordered them to supervise the case. Their brother Eric was interviewed in 2020 As part of the trial, he repeatedly asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, according to court filings.

The former president’s resignation was the result of a long-running legal battle A state judge ruled in April that Trump was in contempt of court. The ruling came after Ms James filed a motion to compel Mr Trump to produce documents sought in eight previous requests.

His lawyers said they searched and could not find any documents not already in the Attorney General’s possession. Nevertheless, Judge Mr. Trump was fined $10,000 a day after he filed affidavits detailing the search. The contempt order was lifted in May after he paid a $110,000 fine and submitted affidavits.

That same month, a federal judge Mr. James asked to stop the investigation. The lawsuit filed by Trump was dismissed Because, the former president’s lawyers argued, he had violated his rights and his trial was politically motivated.

Because Ms. James’s investigation is civil, she can sue Mr. Trump but cannot file criminal charges. He may pursue settlement negotiations in hopes of getting a quick financial payout instead of filing a lawsuit that will undoubtedly take years to resolve.

If Ms. James sues and wins at trial, a judge may order Mr. It could impose stiff financial penalties on Trump and restrict his business activities in New York.

Mr. Trump’s lawyers will argue in such cases that real estate valuation is a subjective process and that his company merely estimated the value of the properties in question without intending to artificially inflate them.

Manhattan Criminal Case

Despite its civil nature, Ms. James’s trial and Mr. Trump’s confession still carries the potential for criminal charges. Because before the Manhattan district attorney’s investigation flagged off in the spring, Mr. It also focused on the valuations of Trump’s assets. On Wednesday Mr. It could get new life depending on Trump’s performance.

Alvin Bragg, District Collector, The investigation said in April, It was his predecessor, Cyrus R. Started under Vance Jr. was continuous But He does not provide a clear sense of its direction.

After the withdrawal of the two lawyers leading the investigation, Mr. Bragg’s comments came. One of them is Mark F. Pomeranz said Resignation letter published by The New York Times He believed the office had enough evidence to charge Mr Trump with “substantial” crimes. For not pursuing the charge sheet in this case Mr. Mr. Prague. Pomeranz criticized

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In his April comments on the matter, Mr. Bragg said new witnesses were being interviewed and additional documents were being reviewed, though he declined to provide details. Then in April, At least three witnesses, the Times reported considered central to this case. For several months Mr. Bragg’s office was not heard from or asked to testify.

The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Alan H. Criminal charges have been filed against Weiselberg.

Last July, before Mr. Vance’s term ended, the district attorney’s office indicted the company. Executing a 15-year plan Compensating its executives with fringe benefits that are hidden from the authorities to evade taxes. Mr. Weiselberg was accused of evading taxes on $1.7 million in benefits that should have been reported as income.

The case is temporary It is scheduled to go to trial Later this year.

Georgia Criminal Investigation

Fulton County District Attorney Fannie D. Mr. Willis is also in Georgia. Trump is under scrutiny. Investigation Did the former president and others criminally interfere in the 2020 presidential election?

Mr. Trump and allies had several contacts with Georgia officials after the election A call In it he urged Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to “find the 11,780 votes” he would need to overcome President Biden’s lead.

Mr. to change the election results. It is the only criminal investigation to focus directly on Trump’s efforts. In January, the superior judge of Fulton County Granted Mrs. Willis’s request to a special jury in this matter.

On Tuesday, A different judge in Fulton County, Mr. Trump’s lawyer and a key figure in the Georgia investigation, Rudolph W. Giuliani said he wanted to travel there. To appear before the Assembly. Mr. had two coronary heart stents implanted last month. Giuliani had told lawyers that he was not well enough to travel to Georgia.

But the judge, Robert CI McBurney, Aug. He provisionally ordered him to appear in person and testify on 17 (Judge McBurney said the date could be reconsidered if Mr. Giuliani’s doctor provided sufficient medical evidence.)

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“Mr. Giuliani had no air travel, no AIR permit,” Judge McBurney said. “John Madden drove across the country in his big bus, from stadium to stadium. So one thing we need to examine is that Mr. It’s about Giuliani’s recovery and whether he can get here intact. By train, bus or Uber, or whatever it is,” he said, adding, “New York is not close to Atlanta, but it’s not a commute from Fairbanks.”

Judge McBurney said on Tuesday that Mr. Prosecutors said Giuliani, 78, should be notified if he is the target of a criminal investigation. Ms Willis’ office has already named at least 17 people as targets.

Westchester County Criminal Investigation

In Westchester County, District Attorney Miriam E. Roca appears to be focused at least in part on whether the Trump Organization misled local officials about the golf course’s value in order to reduce its taxes. She has Subpoenaed the company For records on the matter.

The case of Washington DC

In January 2020, Carl Racine, Attorney General of the District of Columbia, Sued Mr. The Trump Inauguration Committee, that was it High salary More than $1 million at the January 2017 inauguration or his own family business at the Trump International Hotel.

The lawsuit, which names the inaugural team, the hotel and the Trump Organization as defendants, is set to go to trial in September after a judge ruled it could go forward.

Mr. Racine’s office has subpoenaed several parties, including former first lady Melania Trump, and Ivanka Trump, who chaired the inaugural committee, Eric Trump and Thomas J. questioned Barak Jr.

January 6 hearing

A House Committee Investigation into the January 6 attack on the Capitol – More than ten people helped Former federal prosecutors – After his election defeat in November 2020, Mr. Examines the role played by Trump and his allies.

Although the group does not have the authority to bring criminal charges, Attorney General Merrick P. May forward this matter to Garland.

Jonah E. Bromwich, Rebecca Davies O’Brien, Michael Rothfield And Ashley Wong Contributed report.

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