What’s more to count in Maricopa County, Arizona?

US Sen. Mark Kelly, left, and Blake Masters (Reuters, Getty Images)

control US Senate GOP wins in Nevada and Arizona could boost some of that. The most prominent election detractors In the country after other candidates expanded on former President Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election Rejected by voters in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Those two western states — perennial battlegrounds in presidential years — were too early to call until Thursday morning, while a third Democrat, Georgia, will advance to the December runoff, CNN projects.

Republicans must pick up two Democratic seats to win a majority. As votes are being counted across the country, Republicans appear to be slowly inching toward the 218 seats that would give them a majority, albeit narrower than they had hoped.

However, the race for the Senate is still full of unknowns — including whether the Peach State will return to Georgia in 2021 after winning double-runoffs to give Democrats a majority. Nevada and Arizona will determine how important Georgia becomes.

Arizona Senate Democrats as of Thursday morning. Mark Kelly was ahead of Republican Blake Masters, while Nevada Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto was trailing Republican Adam Laxalt. CNN estimated late Wednesday that about 600,000 votes would be counted across the Grand Canyon state and about 160,000 in Nevada.

Laxald, a former Nevada attorney general, co-chaired Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign in the state and filed lawsuits trying to overturn Nevada’s results in that election, which he said were “fraudulent.” Cortés Masto argued that the lies and election conspiracy theories espoused by allies like Trump and Laxalt led to the attack on the US capital on January 6, 2021.

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Masters, a venture capitalist and first-time candidate, released a campaign video while running for the GOP nomination in which he said he believed Trump had won the 2020 election. Masters like Laxalt won Trump’s approval.

After winning the Arizona Senate primary, Masters briefly pulled back from some extreme rhetoric — Scraping his website, for example, language that includes the false claim that the election was rigged. In a discussion with Kelly, he also admitted that he saw no evidence of fraud that would have altered the outcome of the election. But the Republican nominee seemed to reverse after receiving a phone call Trump urged her to “go strong” about the election denial, which was captured in a Fox documentary.

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