Why is Spotify premium promotion everywhere?


Everyone wants his life to be premium. Premium cars, houses, jewelry. But only a few people are ready to work for it. If you are a music creator, it is almost always up to a chance. When you upload music to Spotify, you are flipping a coin that will decide whether you become popular or get ignored. Even if the coin has fallen the wrong side up, it is still not the end for you. You can still change the odds by getting a Spotify premium promotion for your music!

This may sound edgy, but if you are not promoting your music – you are dumb. Don’t get offended by it, okay? I am just joking. Just a couple of jokes between friends, nothing is wrong, don’t call the cops.

Let’s imagine a few scenarios. Number one: you ignore music promotion, and continue uploading regularly. No popularity is on the horizon; still waiting for a coin to face in your favor. In the second scenario you decide to try music promotion out. Your popularity grows, raising you higher and higher to the musical Olympos. And in a few years, you are signing contracts with many zeros in them. Which scenario do you like better?

Surely, your money is yours. No one is going to steal them. The same goes for your career. It is only up to you to decide whether you want to succeed or get forgotten without even becoming known.

The promotion for the last couple of years has been on the rise. Perception of it has changed from fraudulent activity to life-saving action. Now musicians aren’t afraid to invest in promotion campaigns since they know that on Spotify, it is the only option to succeed if algorithms have failed you. You may not be one of such people yet, but that moment is coming. And as it goes for the flu, it is always better to use preventive measures. Early music promotion acts like those measures, annihilating even a small chance of a poor track’s performance. With an effective promotion, you can almost instantly make yourself popular and known without spending a fortune on it.

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Maybe you are the one among those who like suffering. Then, choose the first option. Close this article, and continue creating music and uploading it on Spotify. And let’s see how many followers you will get in a year from now. Spoiler — less than you can get from a promotion in a week. So, is that waiting time worth it? Are you willing to spend precious hours of your life and creative years to learn how music gets promoted and build relations with labels and influencers on social media? Are you ready for that?

No one with a healthy mind will choose manual promotion or the absence of one. If you have a belief in personal creativity, you can’t let yourself ignore the obvious fact —premium music promotion on Spotify exists and is mandatory. Now it is a legal, real, and organic opportunity to make yourself popular and famous. It isn’t expensive, yet it provides excellent results every time. The success of promotion is guaranteed. And if you decide to promote yourself — your fame will be certain! Get your balls and make that life-changing decision! Start pushing your music forward! Make the world here your talent! Make them know your name!

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