3 observations after the Dallas Mavericks were crushed by the Phoenix Sun, 129-109

The Dallas Mavericks Beaten by Phoenix Sons On Wednesday night, he lost 129-109 in Game 2. Chris Paul put on an amazing performance, amassing 28 points, catching six rebounds and conceding eight assists. Luca Tonsic defeated Dallas by 35 runs.

Starting out as Game 1, the Mavericks were somewhat shocked and the Suns quickly advanced to a 9-0 lead. Luca Tonsic, with some solid shots by Reggie Bullock, kept Dallas alone in the game, but the Sons punished Mavericks on both ends. Jalan Brunson and Dorian Finney-Smith both made early mistakes, the latter taking three in just nine minutes. Somehow, the Mavericks found themselves four points down, trailing the Suns 32-28 a quarter later.

On the Tonic bench, Spencer Dinwiddy and Davis Bertens helped Dallas take the first lead of the series in the eighth minute 41-38. The quarter was engulfed in false calls, most of which were somehow at the end of the attack. Jay Crowder, who scored three and free throws, was on fire to keep the Suns within striking distance. Danzig finished the quarter with three big threes, but Chris Paul and Sons responded each time. Dallas entered the half as 60-58.

Devin Booker went to work early in the second half, was shot from two and three longs, and scored everything to regain the Suns lead. The game sank into the mud for a while, after the foul the foul called every possession, and at the fast break Dwight grabbed Powell by the elbow in the face. With Dallas down 8, Reggie Bullock’s three centuries put the Mavericks behind by 78 runs. The Mavericks lost their focus a little and trailed 89-83 after three defeats.

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Things fell apart in the fourth quarter of Dallas, with Chris Paul taking charge on both ends of the floor. Donsik was repeatedly targeted by Paul. The Suns flat-out Dallas ran out of the ground, taking a 23-2 run after Danzik hit a 3-pointer to make it 99-93. Three after three, keep the game well accessible from the various suns. Dallas fell 129-109 to go 2-0 home in the 3rd game on Friday night.

Luca Tonsic is learning a different playoff lesson

The Los Angeles Clippers In the previous two playoff runs Luca had two of the best defenders on the planet and plenty of bodies to throw against Tonzi. We never know what would have happened in the first series with the healthy Kristaps Porzingis. Never seen in the 6th game.

This series, really in all these playoffs, something different is going on. Luca Tonsic has repeatedly targeted the defense. Against the Jazz, against the Suns, he had a very tough time. In the fourth quarter, he looked completely exhausted and he only played 30 minutes for that spot. Although he needs to constantly improve in defense, he really needs to constantly improve his cardio shape. It’s a small but significant thing, and it pays off, because if he wants to play a ball-dominated way, he can’t get tired.

Question some key training results

Mavericks were out 18-for-4 in the opening three minutes of Game 1 and Game 2. Those points can often be placed at the feet of center-twit Powell, who plays hard, but he does not fit physically. The whole series. He was picked up by the Switches and all the Phoenix players with their muscular guards. He started both the first leg and the third leg when the Mavericks completely exploded. I don’t know how much more the coaching staff has to look for to keep trying the same thing that doesn’t work.

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In addition, it is worth asking why Dorian Finney-Smith played with two errors in the first quarter. His first one off-the-ball whistle, it should not be called, fouled the second three-point shooter. The third happened in a loose ball situation, with three or more minutes left in the quarter, he should not have been inside. The Mavericks mitigated the downward effects with the solid play of Davis Bertons and others, but there was no reason to be in that situation. .

Dallas needs Jalan Brunson

It’s obvious, but Brunson is now in the 9-for-28 series with almost several personal mistakes (8) in the baskets. I hope I get some regrets at the notion that he did not get enough balls, and I think Brunson would have been planted in the corner often in this game, but he did not misuse it. It bleeds into other elements of his game, and he was selected in defense and left a couple attacking rebounds, something I have never seen.

It’s easy to jump into the story we talked about when Brunson struggled with length. But as someone on Twitter told me, everyone in the NBA is taller than Brunson, what are we talking about? We say he fights with tall defenders who really excel in defense, and I think it’s the simplest of all: Branson should play better.

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