Real Madrid beat Manchester City in extra time: Highlights and analysis

Madrid – So here again, we wonder if Real Madrid can summon energy and finally create magic. Carlo Ancelotti’s team was stunned when they lost to Paris Saint-Germain. That was two months ago. Against Chelsea it seemed defeated and exhausted. That was four weeks ago. It still stands. In the Champions League, at least, Real Madrid has the air of a team that has forgotten how to lose.

This match is an element of self-conscious prophecy about Real Madrid. It succeeds because it does. As soon as you hear it it is infused with a purpose and complete confidence That musicAs soon as it is visible That file.

That, in turn, will give Manchester City a little pause thinking. Etihad won last week 4-3 Pep left Cardiola and his players with double emotions. The Premier League champions were smoother, smoother and more consistent than Real Madrid, who played a much more sophisticated and advanced form of football and had a clearer view of what it was and what it was not. It wants to be. In that light, one evening showed that the city is now where it has been trying to go for a decade.

Still, when the staff gathered the next morning, there was not the slightest regret, no surprise, no general confusion about what it was like to be in the semi-finals, a feeling that Real Madrid were not a normal enemy and would eventually bow to City. Obvious superiority, but knowing how it is, does not want to rot. The result of the magic that Real Madrid can pronounce is this: a vague restlessness, a sense of smell in the pit of the stomach, all of which end in the same way. Manchester City have the opportunity and the talent to expose a mistake tonight. But others have tried and failed, and here we are again.

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