Bitcoin price: Celsius stops trading, Accounting stops some withdrawal

The Celsius network, which has 1.7 million customers, said “high market conditions” would force all cash withdrawals, crypto transfers and transactions between accounts to be suspended.

“We are taking this necessary step for the benefit of our entire community and to stabilize cash flow and operations, while at the same time taking steps to protect and safeguard assets,” the company said in a blog post.

The UK-based company has assets of about $ 3.7 billion, according to its website. It pays interest on cryptocurrency deposits, And loans to them to repay.

Finance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, stopped withdrawing from its Bitcoin network for a few hours on Monday.

The company said it made the decision because some transactions were “stuck” and caused setbacks.

“We are still working to enable the withdrawal of the pending Bitcoin (BTC) network, which is estimated to be completed within the next two hours,” the company said in a statement.

The cryptocurrency market has taken a turn Hammer In recent months its epidemic boom has changed bust. The world’s major central banks have raised interest rates to control them Spiral inflationMerchants have rushed Push risky investmentsIncluding their volatile crypto assets.
Bitcoin, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, has lost 15% in the last 24 hours – down 66%. Rose all the time In November last year, according to Coinbase data, about $ 69,000 was traded. Bitcoin fell below $ 24,000 on Monday, sending crypto to its lowest level since December 2020.

Ether, the second most valuable digital currency, fell 17% and has now lost 75% of its value since November.

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The so-called “stablecoins” – cryptocurrencies tied to the value of the most traditional assets – have succeeded. Tether, a popular staple coin, broke its stake against the US dollar in May, piercing the view that it would act as a hedge against volatility.

TerroyST, a risky algorithmic staple coin, used a complex index to calculate its value against the US dollar, which fell in the same month, wiping out the savings of thousands of investors. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the currency was valued at more than $ 18 billion at the beginning of May.

Celsius Network does not say when it will allow customers to withdraw their deposits, nor does it say it will “take time”.

Meanwhile, governments are closely monitoring the fall in cryptocurrency and may move to protect investors.

“There are many risks associated with cryptocurrencies,” U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told the Senate last month. He said his department is yet to release a report on this.

Julia Horowitz contributed to the reporting.

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