We learned on the 2nd day of hearing on January 6th

Jan. A major theme at the panel’s second day’s hearing on June 6 was the repeated assertion that former President Trump – including his own attorney general – was baseless in his “big lie” about a fraudulent election. But on election night he made a fake claim anyway and has not been stopped since.

As they did during the preliminary hearing, the committee members said Mr. Some of Trump’s close friends and advisers used video evidence – former Attorney General William B. To show that the President should know that his statements are baseless – including Barr’s blatant remarks.

Here are some other tips from the second day trial.

After the election, Trump was described as ‘out of touch with reality’.

Mr. Barin’s video testimony was very stressful this morning, with the former attorney general, Mr. in the days leading up to the election. In his testimony, Mr. Barr repeatedly told the president that his allegations of fraud were baseless, but that he was “not interested in what the real facts are.”

Mr. The unseen portrait of Trump is a key element of the argument the committee is trying to present: Mr. Despite knowing that his claims about a fraudulent election were not true, he fabricated them anyway. In the weeks leading up to the election, Mr said, “How insane some of these allegations are.” Mr. Trump has repeatedly said. Said Bar.

The committee continues to prosecute Mr Trump as a known liar. But Mr. Barr’s testimony provided another possible explanation: the president actually believed the lies he told.

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“I thought, boy, if you really believe this thing, you’ve lost touch with him – if he really believes these things, he’s turned away from reality,” he said. Bar told the team.

Two groups surrounded Trump: ‘Team Normal’ versus. ‘Rudy’s Team.’

One thing that was clear on Monday was that in the days and weeks after the election, Mr. There were two different groups of people around Trump.

Mr. Bill Stephen, Trump’s campaign manager; In contrast to the group led by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, he classified his group as a “nature group.”

A senior Republican activist, Mr. Mr. Stephen’s campaign aides, lawyers, White House advisers and many others. Trump was urged to drop his unsubstantiated fraud allegations. Mr. Giuliani’s group fed the president’s paranoia and pushed back unsubstantiated and imaginary allegations of ballot harvesting, ballot machine fraud and more. “We call them my team and Rudy’s team,” he said. Stephen told team investigators in interviews. “I do not mind being classified as part of a normal group.”

Mr. A description of the two groups competing in Trump’s orbit, Mr. Committee members believe that this is evidence that Trump made a choice – the committee headed by Mr Giuliani should be heard instead of those who ran his campaign and worked in his administration. Mr. Trump chose to listen to “insane” arguments in the words “team normal.”

The picture of Election Night is coming out at the White House.

Monday’s trial began with a clear portrait of Election Night at the White House, using video testimony from close advisers to the president and some of his members. Fox News describes the reaction of the president and those around him when he called Arizona for Biden Jr. The family, however, took the warning advice he received to Mr. The panel showed how Trump was rejected.

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Having already explained that the Democrats’ votes would be counted overnight, he urged the president not to announce the victory in advance. Stephen said in the video. Mr. Trump ignored him, Mr. Stephen et al. Instead, he listened to aide Rudy Giuliani say he was drunk that night and insisted that the president win and that the election was rigged.

Fox News political editor Chris Steerwald, who was fired for his on-air call for Arizona, told the committee that the change in returns that night was not greater than the president’s claim in the Democratic vote. Calculated after the Republican Party. He was proud that his team had first called the Arizona results accurately, and Mr. Trump said there was a “zero” chance of winning in that state.

The committee said millions of dollars were sent to the non-existent ‘Election Security Fund’.

This is not just a “big lie” according to the January 6 committee. This is the “big rip”.

In a video presentation that concludes its second hearing, in an attempt to persuade supporters of the president to send millions of dollars to something called the “election security fund,” Mr. The panel described how Trump and his campaign aides used unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud. According to the committee, Mr. Trump supporters donated $ 100 million in the first week after the election, hoping their money would help the president fight to change the outcome.

But a panel investigator said there was no evidence that such funds existed. Instead, millions of dollars flowed into the Super PAC set up by the president on November 9, just days after the election. According to the committee, the PAC raised $ 1 million. It sent money to a charity run by Trump’s former chief executive Mark Meadows, and $ 1 million to a political committee run by his former staff, including architect Stephen Miller. Mr. Trump’s immigration agenda.

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Joe Lofgreen, a Democrat in California, summed up the findings: “During the committee’s investigation, we found evidence that the Trump campaign and its deputies misled the donor’s on where the money would go and what it would be used for.” She added, “So not only was that a big lie, there was also a big rip. Donors deserve to know where their money is really going. They deserve more than President Trump and his team did.

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