Boris Johnson No-confidence vote: Live News Updates

Britain turned to blatant political infighting after a decisive non-political weekend as Britain celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee on Monday night with a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

But when Four day celebration When the Queen was on the throne for 70 years, Mr. Johnson’s troubles were fully exposed, highlighting national dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister, and blatantly allaying his public personality with the Queen’s authority.

Throughout the weekend, Mr. As Johnson attended the jubilee celebrations, the public – and even the participants – expressed their contempt.

Mr. Johnson and his wife, Gary Johnson, were ecstatic as they walked the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral Friday before Thanksgiving service. Videos of a similar response were circulated as they attended a concert Saturday night outside Buckingham Palace. During the concert, two actors, Lee Mack and Stephen Fry, performed on the national stage. Dug Johnson.

But it was the cheerleaders who had gathered in the streets of London over the long weekend that provided insight into how the general public viewed their leader when they reflected their distrust of the government – without provocation and often – about their admiration for the Queen. .

Marion Argent, 77, who gathered with three generations of her family in the mall outside Buckingham Palace for Thursday’s Trooping The Color parade, described the Queen as a unifying force “unlike politicians.”

She rolled her eyes as she said “Boris” with a sigh and quickly turned her attention to the ceremonies.

In Hyde Park on Friday, 60-year-old Marina Burns said of the celebrations for the Queen: “It’s all unpolitical, that’s why it’s so cohesive.”

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“Meanwhile, politics is a mess,” Ms. Burns added. “At the minute with Boris and Partigate it was absolutely horrible.”

He said the jubilee celebrations were considered one of the first Govt moments where the nation could truly rejoice, amidst the “destruction and darkness” of failed leaders, economic hardship and epidemic losses.

Erwin Cunningham, 60, who arrived from the Netherlands and waited for his plane to take off home, also pointed out that one of the many difficulties Britain is currently facing is “confusion with the Prime Minister” beyond some park benches. Many were excited for Jubilee’s positivity.

Catherine Cook, 48, who works for the National Health Service, added to the festive glow with an enthusiastic comment about the government’s failures.

Mrs. Cook, while reflecting on the “great respect” for the Queen, said, “Our politicians, like Boris, are not so much.”

Comments on the streets of London, Mr. Yukov in the referendum. While Johnson’s recognition has waned, it could indicate a greater sense of nationalism. Just 26 percent at the beginning of May. According to a Sue Gray report late last month, the government’s leadership failure during the Corona virus locks, 60 percent of the population surveyed by YouGov Mr. Johnson said he would no longer be the leader of the Conservative Party.

A snap poll from Opinion on Monday morningJust hours after the poll was announced, 28 percent of voters voted against the Conservative legislature. They think they should vote to keep Johnson, while 59 percent believe they should vote to remove him.

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