The judiciary has seized a massive private jet belonging to the Russian oligarchy

The judiciary is moving to seize two planes owned by the billionaire Russian oil tycoon Roman AbramovichAccording to court documents, including his largest Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

A federal judge in Manhattan has signed a seizure order for two jets, a 787 and a Gulfstream G650ER. On Monday, the court filings show.

Dreamliner is Reported as one The most expensive private jets in the world. The Department of Commerce claims that it is “green” or unmatched from Boeing and customized in Europe. According to the charter, it is now worth $ 350 million.

Epilepsy “Operation KleptoCapture, ”It focuses on the legal confiscation of assets of Russian oligarchy in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While Abramovich was allowed by the UK, the European Union and Canada, he was not allowed by the US. The Wall Street Journal It has been reported that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has asked President Joe Biden to refrain from allowing Abramovich because of the help of the oligarchy. Peace talks Between Ukraine and Russia. NBC News did not independently confirm The Journal’s report.

The judiciary said it was now pursuing jets because of Abramovich’s mistake Business sector restrictions Export restrictions on aircraft-related goods to Russia from February.

A senior judicial official told NBC News on Monday that the government had taken steps to seize the plane as part of its job to “keep those close to the Kremlin out of the Kremlin, out of the Russian state and intensifying the war.”

The Department of Commerce and the FBI say Abramovich continued to use both planes even after the restrictions went into effect, and flew several times over the Gulf in March before taking the Dreamliner to Dubai, where he was flown to Russia in March, court cases say. The Gulf Stream is still in Russia.

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Although it is generally known that Abramovich owns the aircraft, the filing notes that it took time for investigators to prove it, as they had to monitor a series of transactions through five shell companies and airline records.

The FBI says it relied on corporate documents and personal information to show that he was the ultimate owner of some business dealings with Abramovich’s representatives.

Speaking to NBC News, the Justice Department official said, “Information provided by private sector actors, as well as information provided by foreign colleagues around the world, has been a huge success for the KleptoCapture team.”

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