Drew Breeze says he can ‘play football again’

New Orleans Saints Legend Drew Breeze hanged his cleats last March and accepted the job as an analyst at NBC. This weekend, The New York Post reported Breeze will no longer be working for NBC in 2022, leading the former quarterback to go to Twitter and talk about his future. Although he said the reports were not accurate, he said it was possible for him to return to the field.

“Despite speculation from the media about my future this fall, I have not yet decided.” Breeze tweeted. “I can work at NBC, I can play football again, focus on business and philanthropy, pickle tour, senior golf tour, coach my kids or all of the above. I let you know.”

On Monday morning, New Saints head coach Dennis Allen was asked about Breeze’s tweet and said he believed the comment was made jokingly.

“My wife told me about this because I don’t follow social media,” Allen said. Via WDSU. “So I thought, ‘That’s interesting. It’s going to raise some questions at tomorrow’s golf match.’ Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

If we’re going to take Breeze’s views on returning to football seriously, we should do the same for his thoughts on joining the pickle ball tour. The 43-year-old will definitely miss playing football, but where will he play if he returns? Saints signed James Winston For a multi-year extension this season, signed Andy Dalton His backup still has to serve Daisy Hill And Ian Book On the list. Can Breeze come back wearing a different uniform?

It’s hard to say whether Breeze is serious about the possibility of a return to football, but now that he has brought it up in his tweet, questions will continue to be asked. If he returns to the field, Breeze might be more apt to wait until a spot opens in the middle of the season.

When Breeze announced his retirement last year, he did so as all-time chairman of the NFL, in terms of career qualifications, completions and completion percentages. He has won five All-Pro Awards to his name, two Offensive Player of the Year Awards and the MVP of the Super Bowl XLIV.

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